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Beautiful forever, always young and never die. Oh wait I thought this was the fantasy and delusions thread. lol  ;D


i saw on TV tonight... a commercial for eyeshadow that is automatically color co-ordinated to your eye color for you..... damn next time I'll try to pay attention to what brand....

in answer to your question, No idea... I've always thought blue eyeshadow was sorta tacky, but that might be from growing up in the 80's LOL

I tried some blue eyeshadow at home once and then took it off. Made me look like somebody punched me in both eyes and instead of black and blue they were just blue. I use very subdued colors that compliment my skin. My favorite eyeshadow has three shade of green from very light to forest. It has a little yellow with gold flecks I use the lightest shade for basic lid and then a touch of the medium for the upper part of the lid. It is very subtle.

If I come home and go out for the evening I'll add a touch of the darker green. I have green eyes by the way and the eyeshadow is very complimentory. I never heard this don't use the same color as you eyes stuff either. My wife always says it should compliment your skin.


Hi everyone!  Thanks for your input.

I agree, some colors (like blue) can look seventy-ish and tacky, but only if you do them wrong.  Granted, I haven't figured out the right way.  But I've started experimenting for two reasons... I'm tired of the colors I've been using, and I've seen enough girls wearing colors (the right way), and it looks good enough that I said to myself, "I've got to learn how to do that look."    I've pretty much exhausted the drugstore brands, so I've turned to some of the more exspensive brands.  Sephora ( is one of my favorite stores right now.

I first heard the "don't match your eye shadow to your eye color" rule from Bobbi Brown's book Beauty.  (In case anybody's interested, it's a great book... down to earth & meant for realistic women with realistic schedules.)  I've heard the rule several places since then, but I just can't remember where.  I can understand the reasoning behind it.

Alison, the eyeshadow is by Almay and it's called Intsense i-color.  They have a color scheme for my eyecolor (hazel), but when I found it I was already using the same colors... white, light brown, and light pink.  Pink is still my favorite eyeshadow.


I have blue eyes and I love wearing colors.  If, for example, I wear purple I do wear a lavender eyeshadow.  If I wear blue I will put on a baby blue or very pastel blue eyeshadow.  You can down play that by using a gray, not too dark, in the crease of your eye and blend creating a smokey look. (very sexy with blue eyes by the way)  However, if I chose to use the earth tones I will use a black eyeliner along the bottom eyelash area and use a thick mascara that also works.  If you do the tri-color that turns out really good try the tri-pink/rose colors and tri-browns/beige colors.  Use medium shade on eyelid darker shade in the crease and lightest shade just below the eyebrow get a good blender brush and blend away.  Experiment at home and trust me you will get it in no time and look fabulous.  I know it took me forever to learn how to do it and now it takes me 5 mins tops to do total makeup and I look good.  Conceited much? Maybe but oh well.   LOL   Good luck.


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