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Has anyone tried using silicone bakeware? If so, what did you think of it?

My daughter has a set and made sure she took it with her when she went Uni.  She  uses it a lot and is very happy with it.

I like it. It's extremely easy and convenient. However, it does have slightly different heat conduction characteristics.

If you've baked bread in metal and glass pans, you'll know what I'm talking about - the bread in the metal pan is more likely to burn and stick but also develops a slightly crispier crust, while the bread in the glass pan won't burn or stick but the crust is softer and less distinct. Silicone bakeware acts like glass, but more so.

I have silicone cupcake cups and I really like them. Usually I don't even have to grease them (or line them) before putting in the muffin batter, and they don't get burned on the bottom like with the metal trays.

They are kind of a pain to clean, though, and usually have to be soaked, but I think this would be less of a big deal (or at least less of a difference) with bigger silicone bakeware.

Okay, thanks folks.

I've seen them used on cooking shows where those folks rave about them. But, my step-mother-in-law doesn't like it. So, I wanted to get more stories than just the cooking show people, who most likely don't have to clean up their own stuff.


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