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bought some clothes : )
« on: May 10, 2011, 01:56:54 am »
No pictures atm but I went out with my boyfriend today and bought some actual women's clothing and I just feel so happy about this I thought I would share it with all of you. I came to susans without plans of transition but actually just wanting to kill myself and somehow I met someone within my horrible depression that turned my life around. (Not on susans, but i do thank many people who came to support me I reccomend susans to everyone I meet that is strugglling as a trans person at support groups because of the ammount of support i received here.) but I met him on another website. Not only does he support my being transgender, he's an activist and a wonderful queer human being with a very fluid gender. Having someone there has been wonderful. Not that I probably couldn't support myself eventually, but I feel like he really was there to pick me up and get things moving for me. He helped me shop, remove dresses that were way too <not allowed> small on me haha. It was just wonderful.  All I have to say is, don't be afraid to let someone in while you'e struggling more then ever. It can be the most life changing thing ever.
I decided to start a transition. I'm talking to my therapist about hormones now. : ) I just want to get this going so I can finally start going to school again, and become productive. I feel like i've been stuck and now i'm ready to take on some more hurtles.. Transition, <not allowed>.. I didn't think this was coming. My future before my decision to transition looked black.. Now I see some damn colors.
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Re: bought some clothes : )
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Welcome to the rest of your life as someone  you were waiting to be.  The big D can be beaten, as you have discovered.  Have fun Sis.
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