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I heard what I think is a new euphemism yesterday and I was wondering if anyone else has heard this before?

I heard two 20-somethings conversing at work, and one used the phrase, "dead-end" as a euphemism for a post-op woman.

That is a new one to me?

Anyone else ever heard THAT one?

Hey there Thundra,

Can't say that I've heard of that one.  Was it used in a derogatory way, as it sounds like it is mean't to be

Chat later


Ummmm, yeah, based on the hand motions she used to demonstrate to her friend, and the derisive laughing that followed, I would say that, yeah, it was meant to be insulting.

Not to mention that the very phrase, in referring to a "dead end" in regarding a post-op anatomy is probably the most mean-spirited comment I've ever heard used.

it does sound rather cruel, only one option left, you will have to shave their heads  ;D

Understanding is generally of more value than revenge.


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