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Soon, trans women will be able to have biological children with cis men.xAmyX5147
Did you identify as gay/lesbian before realizing you were trans?PurpleWolf20313
What do I do now? UKHumanBeing9189
Accepted trans feelings, but unsure and confusedvenus184
How would I go about seeing a gender therapist? (UK)NinaW11272
LabelsToni O2133
Were you 100% sure? Can you be 100% sure?NinaW33753
Just Signed Up - Excited To Be Here!KiraReneeDarling4135
Binding Health Complicationsnanospirt1107
The Bro Sleeve - How toraffic3188
anti trans friendnoitsbecky12552
I am trans? Do I trans? (a thread for my thoughts)Rachel 824385
Stp cleaning?Ro1232199
T-1 month until 18th birthday. Freaking outazarath991266
to boob or not to boob (AmAb edition)Undead Cat2356
Will my singing voice be affected?GraysonIsVeryConfused4224
I need some adviceGraysonIsVeryConfused9362
Somthing is missingalice12345388
Violet from OregonViolet17455
I dont know if im transSkarrr18601
hiya new here wld be nice to make friendsIris Kam Noor3311
Heyo :3whizzerwins3395
SOS - I'm so conflicted and confused!!morninganton4339
I think my girlfriend might be trans...what do I do?eb0815199217952
Selling trans prostheticsCamJam24012443
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