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Coming out as ftm to my bf's parents?Hellboi1109
Coming out to parents worries, Midlife editionwalrusgumbo12742
One New Life to LiveLaura19512199346
The second step towards the goal of going official is taken, makeup!Jennifer19756392
Finally started HRT after half a life of waiting timeJennifer1975431886
Coming out to my wifeEm2301966
Preparing to come out to my spouse. Words of wisdom?KaylaAnne2311370
Now my therapist knows …thornbird115489
Wie sag ich's meiner Therapeutin?thornbird1116877
I did a thing today...nadia197116798
Lost and Confused! Just starting out.Emily Daniels8648
Confused and lost about where to begin and conflicting thoughtsConfusedThoughts5354
Coming out - the first step is done!thornbird11151039
Happy Birthday Ava!Jessica4276
I think I'm done - Everyone knows (My take away)KristySims6467
Ava's Journey, Unwrapping the True Me.AvaNovum292056
Coming out - The Hardest yet Easiest thing I've done??KristySimsx3275
Almost a year after my Introduction - Finally coming outKristySimsx4360
Mom of 16 year oldwildwood12556
I Shall Be WholeEntropic Variable241245
Coming out at work???Dakotah958766
Friends are amazingZoey42110421
Coming out to familyJimjam22144
How do you deal with your extended family and family friends?galayogeda4381
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