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Happy Thanksgiving, and a Plea for Help!
« November 26, 2020, 10:34:29 am »
I hope each of you are having a happy Thanksgiving. It has been a long year with COVID-19 making a challenging existence harder for us all. If you are healthy there's a lot to give thanks for!

This has been the hardest year of my life by far.

I have been struggling with donations and subscriptions being massively reduced even to below the level I need just to pay the bills that I am in survival mode. All extras have been cut out of my budget even to the point of food. My cupboards are bare and if it wasn’t for the generosity of those around me in real life I wouldn’t be able to afford a real meal today on Thanksgiving. With their help I have pork ribs and some vegetables to cook after I get done posting this.

My water got cut off early this month, for the first time in years, and while I got it turned back on I am now on the hook for a deposit. Watching the dwindling funds in the bank get below the emergency point made me delay paying my rent for almost 2 weeks past the due date.

Medically I am in worsening situations.

I strongly suspect that I am in the early stages of diabetes though this has not been medically confirmed. I have been experiencing a random prickling in my lower extremities for months especially in the tips of my toes, which I suspect is peripheral neuropathy. I am also having the other symptoms Hunger, blurry vision, numb or tingling hands or feet, Feel very tired, Have very dry skin, Have sores that heal slowly, Have more infections than usual. My hands and feet are in a constant state of pain from sores that linger for months. A complication from what I believe is plaque psoriasis. (If anyone doesn't believe me I will be happy to send you a picture of my hands.)

I have been off hormones for a year now, and not because I want to be, something I mentioned earlier in the year, but to reduce the expenses I have.

I have also been experiencing what I can only describe as time skipping frequent fraction of a second blank spots which could be a type of seizure. The doctors when I was a kid never found anything when I was tested but I had all the symptoms, they seem to be happening almost constantly now. The only way I detect them is when I am doing something like playing a computer game that makes these small gaps in time more noticeable. I also have noticed a slight degradation in my spelling and writing abilities (using the clearly wrong word etc) that I am worried could be the start of dementia or Alzheimer's, or it could be linked back to diabetes.

I do not have the funds to see a doctor, and even if I did definitely wouldn’t be able to afford medication with things being as uncertain financially as they have been for the last 6 months.

In 10 days this site will be celebrating it’s 25th anniversary. This site has been a lifeline to those in the Transgender community since the early days of our communities push for visibility, acceptance, and now equality. Together we have saved a lot of lives. I am asking you to help that continue, and at the same time to save mine.

Since May the last time I asked for help, we have averaged just $901.52 per month. I am $7,000 in the hole in just the last 6 months and I personally have received just enough money to ensure I didn’t starve to death. I need $1,400 a month to pay the bills for the site hosting, maintenance, electricity, and rent. I need $2,000-2,500 to give me a bit of money for myself, and build up our buffer.

Knowing that the pandemic was making things hard for everyone, I pushed myself until I just can't push any more.

Thanks to some recent generosity from some of the site's members (visible at the bottom of the forums), I have right at $2,000 in the bank right now. I start to panic any time we drop below $3,000 as that’s 2 months of expenses. We are well below that point now. The Christmas season is coming and that is our usual slow time of the year, between Christmas and Tax Time.

I had hoped a second stimulus check would have made this plea unnecessary for a while longer, but I can’t afford to continue to wait.

What do I need? Ideally a minimum of $3,000 to pay this month's bills and to bring us back up to the safety margin. Anything above that will remove the immediate pressure from me, and the worry that I won’t be able to pay the bills in the coming months. If we raise $2,000 or more over that I will to go get these medical problems checked out.

I never ask for member help lightly, and I am asking for your help now! Please donate or subscribe!
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