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Fun and Games / Re: Single Word Association Game 25.0
« Last post by davina61 on Today at 03:02:46 am »
Fun and Games / Re: Two Word Association Game 16.0
« Last post by davina61 on Today at 03:00:51 am »
bare bear

Ah, Facebook...always reminding you of where you were on a particular day. Apparently, this is
where I was a year ago...some quaint English pub.  ;D

Hi Devlyn
Oh yes, you can have sooo much fun in a "quaint English pub" and I know that too  :D
Best wishes
I did some snow skiing over last weekend.....


Hi Danielle
Brrrrr that must have been very cold at you place, hopefully you enjoyed it ti the fullest.
Snow-sports are so great, I love it.
Best wishes
It's been a while since I posted anything here. The day I made the decision to transition, I told myself that I was 'going to make one ugly woman.' Never in a million years did I expect that one day I would look like this.

You'll never know unless you try. Love always -- Jessica Rose

Hi Jessica_Rose
Yes indeed, "You'll never know unless you try" that is a 100% right.
Best wishes
Yesterday I visited a nearby hair salon in 1.5 years.



Dear barbie :-)
You are looking perfect as always :-)
Best wishes
I actually thought this one turned out pretty good, so I thought I'd post it here too? It's hard to keep up with all of you though!

Hi Katie Ellen
Oh yes that picture turned out perfectly, thank you for sharing.
Best wishes
Completely wrong outfit for the weather, but it's hard to argue with cute!



Hi Caela
The weather has nothing to do withe the outfit as long as it is for inside  ;D
Best wishes
General discussions / Re: What Made You Happy Today? 7.0
« Last post by ChrissyRyan on Today at 01:56:34 am »
My exercise equipment is finally assembled. My brother and sister-in-law worked together to get it done. He did the physical work and she navigated the instructions and the gallon of screws and whatnot that it needed to come together. i offered to pay them when I had the money since it was a bit of a job to deal with, (and I thought at one point doing it myself.  :D Yeah, that would have been impossible), but they refused. I may just give the money to my mom and have her drop it off at my sister-in-law's shop or my brother's garage.  :D

It is certainly going to take some time with this. But, I have a good feeling about this. Why? One word: placement.

When I got the treadmill, I had it on the other side of the room, facing the wall. This new thing is on the other side of the room and will allow me to watch the TV or listen to Spotify, etc. So, there's some extra help with motivation.

So....let's see far down this road I can get. If I can get down to 200 pounds, (I'm 300 pounds right now) I would probably be in decent shape.

I hope you see some encouraging results soon!

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