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Few hours later and now the bumps have gone down it was definitely very effective! Nice and smooth. Well, one leg anyway. ;D

<3 for compliments,  I just wish beard shadow wasn't sliiiiiightly visible. :P
Congratulations :)

Having seepage around the catheter is good. It means the swelling has gone down. 

Dilating 5 times a day is very draining and I was so happy when it was reduced to three times a say and then 1 time a day.

Getting the packing out was very cool. I had a thought when it was being pulled, is it ever going to end and will a rabbit come out of there. The pain was greatly reduced and walking was so much easier.

I had a revision with Dr. McGinn on 4/4/18 and was given a catheter with a valve. I liked the much more than the red stopper.

I had heard other girls say the unpacking and dilating was painful but that was not my experience. I did not take any narcotics outside of the hospital when I had GCS. I took narcotics 3 day after the recent revision.

I have to say Dr. McGinn does nice work. I am very happy with the revision :)
Real-Life Experience / Re: Road Trip 2.0
« Last post by Laurie on Today at 07:45:31 pm »

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Female to male transsexual talk (FTM) / Who here is attracted to men?
« Last post by Teddy79 on Today at 07:45:13 pm »
I am gathering that most FTM seem to start out as (from the outside) lesbians. Is that correct?

I live with a male partner and intend to stay with him. I am bi so I am also sexually attracted to women.
However, especially since coming out as trans, somehow his male body makes is more attractive to me. Actually, ANY other body makes more sense to me now. My partner called my description of that an "in-body experience" (the opposite of an out-of-body experience) that happens now. I find his body hot AND it does not make me less masculine so I can enjoy it more.

If I am not making sense, just let me know. FYI, I have not started T yet but will. So that'll change this up as well.... I hear?
There have been a lot of good opinions posted so far on this thread which I agree with. What rings most true is the socialization for AMAB individuals to "try harder" if something (even their gender) isn't working.

For the record, I was AMAB and now I identify as nonbinary.  I'm not certain if my gender was actually male at birth, but it could very well have been.  A medical condition transitioned me to nonbinary instead of "adult male", without my knowledge.  As said above, I just kept "trying harder".  Even after the original medical issue was addressed, my body and mind had already moved away from male.  I didn't realize what I was experiencing was gender dysphoria, because (as said in earlier posts) I didn't have the knowledge, and had difficulty communicating those feelings.  Only when I was researching transgender topics to be a better ally for a friend did I discover nonbinary as a term.  I had a moment of clarity, which was downright euphoric.  My gender expression is still very masculine, and I still feel comfortable with he/him/his as pronouns.

I'm now identifying as nonbinary, and my search for more AMAB nonbinary resources led me here.  Maybe I'm going to have to create those resources?
Transgender talk / Re: Not feeling good enough. How do you cope?
« Last post by Charlie Nicki on Today at 07:36:31 pm »
ohhh dear, but you're gorgeous... look, bless your heart for worrying about your boyfriend, but seriously, I'm actually kinda jealous of how you look, maybe and just maybe this is an issue of knocking at the wrong door?

you know, He made quite clear He's attracted to masculine guys, and you being a pretty lady is a problem for him, but please don't make it a problem for you, if at the end he doesn't want to be with you because you're not this masculine hot man then I assure you you'll find somebody who loves you the way you are.

Pd: seriously, don't feel depressed, you have what it takes to be with whoever you want.
I'm starting to think I'm gonna have to change my profile pic lol. The picture is edited and I was wearing a wig. I don't look like that yet, if I did I would probably get more attention and wouldn't be as insecure.

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Transgender talk / Re: Not feeling good enough. How do you cope?
« Last post by Charlie Nicki on Today at 07:34:57 pm »

I agree with everyone here.
It's weird seeing my masculine facial features (besides stubborn facial hair..) dissipate before my eyes... And what will I be left with? Will feminine features even work on me? Not to brag but I was handsome (according to others).

I'm having to readjust now to see myself as attractive again. But this time I hope I'll finally see it for myself for once.

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All of it is exactly me. We are definitely going through the same.

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Introductions / Re: Hey everyone, I’m Jacey
« Last post by Karen on Today at 07:33:24 pm »
Welcome.  It sounds like you are already on a great path with a therapist you like and trust.

We all share and learn together.  This is an amazing place with amazing people.   Karen

Transgender talk / Re: What's the next step?
« Last post by Charlie Nicki on Today at 07:32:09 pm »
It all depends on how you feel. My advice is to make a plan but keep in mind that you can be flexible with the dates etc... You can either move faster or slower depending on how you feel with each step you take.

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You look beautiful in your avatar pic.
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