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Real-Life Experience / Re: Road Trip 2.0
« Last post by Laurie on Today at 09:33:51 pm »
  Yes, the small towns are nice to see and usually have good food. The sights are so much better too. I tend to mosey during the day turning here and there but heading in the general direction I want to go. That first road trip covered 8003 miles in a day over a month.
Male to female transsexual talk (MTF) / Re: Piercings
« Last post by josie76 on Today at 09:30:21 pm »
Both ears in the love like usual and left one in the helix. Pierced them myself with self piercing stud kits from Walmart. Brought them home and found instead of the push button installer type they sold me the ones for their gun. Well 10 at night and not going back so I self pierced by hand. After they healed up I swapped out the stainless studs for silver loops. That would have been Jan a year ago. I found one of the piercing studs in my stuff last fall and decided to do my helix. Now I've been waiting for a stainless spiral I ordered online to come from China. It has jeweled ends. Can't wait to get it.
Real-Life Experience / Re: Road Trip 2.0
« Last post by Aspiringperson on Today at 09:22:16 pm »
   What you describe is pretty much the way I like to travel. During daylight hour I am apt to be on a 2 lane road or a gravel or a dirt road going in the general direction I am heading.

@ Laurie: several years ago I went on a 4800 mile road trip on old 2 lane highways and roads and was only on the Interstate Highways for less than 100 miles... you can sure see a lot more of the country than if I had stayed on the Interstates. 
It was sad to see the small towns that have been bypassed by the Interstates... some of them were almost ghost towns with closed gas stations and closed and vacant buildings.  However I met some very nice folks in towns like that and found some interesting small shops and small restaurants... they were grateful for my business and they were most friendly to have travelers stop in.   You are right about finding rest stops and perhaps gas stations off of the beaten path... so I was very careful.
General discussions / Re: I'm frozen
« Last post by Laurie on Today at 09:21:13 pm »
 Hi Allison,

  How are you going to get your snacks? You put your big girl panties on, suck it up and go to the store. You will be okay. Just do it.

All you ladies are looking great!
 Camouflage wow I would not have thought you were waiting to be on HRT. You look great just how you are in that picture
Jess, yes you were on the riske edge there.  :o ;D
I completely agree! Julia's adventures are always a great read... Can't wait for a Julia TV show...

Julia I love your life!  Listening to your adventures is so much fun (sometimes not so much).
I do think Tyler’s girlfriend is a product of her own personal brand of education.
General discussions / I'm frozen
« Last post by Allison S on Today at 09:13:30 pm »
I have my leggings on, my maroon shirt, and even my bubble jacket but I feel like I can't leave my house. I only wanna go to the convenience store which I've done many times... during the day.

I guess I'm scared of being perceived as a mild crossdresser (is that a thing) or a feminine boy a targeted even more for that. It sucks! I don't wanna put my boy pants on anymore. This is a major dilemma how am I gonna get my snacks?!

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Now that my nose kinda fixed itself I can go blond much sooner than I thought !! Just need my hair to get to my shoulders and I'll go platinum

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Yes, as one of those "mature" ladies, I do tend to think of myself in binary terms.  Attempting to think of it objectively, I know that I can never be fully binary, i.e. 100% female.  There is that little matter of 60 years of male habits.  I can reduce them, but they'll never be entirely gone.  On a sliding scale, probably 90% female and 10% male is about as close as I can actually aspire to being binary.

I don't think age has to have anything to do with the concept of being binary vs somewhere in the gender fluid spectrum. I certainly feel 99% female and there's very little I miss about being identified as male or continuing to pretend to be that.

I don't feel the "male" habits stick for me, having been letting go of those for 20 years now, a lot of my dysphoria and most of my stress and depression revolved around feeling trapped in situations where people expected me to for instance display aggressive response and would treat me like sh*t when I didn't follow the script. Ugh, I so don't miss those days.
Transgender talk / FTM: Where and How to Start?
« Last post by DragonTyrant on Today at 09:01:10 pm »
This probably isn't an uncommon question, but here it goes.

 I'm about old enough to leave the house now, and my dysphoria has really been eating me up the past half year. I think it has to do with watching my male classmates becoming men (tallness, facial hair, deeper voices, etc.). I don't want to call it jealousy, but I have no better word for it. It's a consuming jealousy that won't let me feel comfortable with myself. I believe I am ready to start making the steps toward transitioning. However, I'm not entirely sure where to start and where to go from there. Here are my main questions:

1. From what I understand, the first step is going to therapy. How does this help?

2. Do I have to get a certain diagnosis from a therapist/professional to be able to start safe testosterone treatment?

3. If I am not diagnosed with gender dysphoria, will I be unable to undergo the transitioning process (hysterectomy, mastectomy, testosterone, phalloplasty)?

A few more may come up. Thanks in advance.
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