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Transgender talk / Re: MTF in need of help
« Last post by Rachel on Today at 05:10:42 am »
I am in the same day waiting room waiting to be braught back. I keep thinking I have no lines or teases in my neck. Oh well , maybe the silicone scar material will help.
General discussions / Re: My grandpa is not as accepting as I thought.
« Last post by Kiera on Today at 04:46:45 am »
Julia *I'm Sorry* hate THAT term too. Know how many times was told that while fighting for my kids? DFCS (GA family services) once said "get over it, go find yourself another girlfriend" . . . Both my parents and grandparents have since passed miss them terribly but not 'the step'. She only lingers to spend what money is left.

"Ex" can still be verbally abusive when unhappy & angry - any idea the source of such expressed frustration with your very existence? Seems like your simply the "patsy", easiest target to heap upon, when it truth it probably has nothing to do with you.
Coming out of the closet / Sooo something went array
« Last post by Zquence on Today at 04:32:43 am »
So I've been leaving clues about being trans in preparation for coming out in a couple weeks, like maybe after the 3rd clue drop he comes up to me and is basically like I know. So should this speed up my timing or should I still continue at the rate I was going?

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I know you meant it 100%! I meant that the way you described it made me laugh (coz it sounded so accurate/real).

I like your use of language  ;D!

Ah, I see! It’s always good to hear when people like my use of language and find my writing style appealing, so thanks man ;D
Transitioning / Re: One Year On Testosterone Barely Any Changes
« Last post by Sno on Today at 04:16:49 am »
Hi Cam,

Welcome to Susan’s!

I seem to be your unofficial greeter, but a mod will be along soon with links that are useful to read.

Have you had a Karyotype test done at all? The reason I’m asking is that you may have something called androgen insensitivity syndrome, which would account for your body not responding to T at all - your endo should be able to check that out for you

Hope this helps a little,

Introductions / Re: A new person steps onto the scene
« Last post by Kendra on Today at 04:13:14 am »
Hello BC, welcome to Susan’s!

Congratulations on graduation and for hitting an excellent academic record - and for considering all your future options.  Sounds like there isn’t much holding you to a specific geographic location (family etc.), so you should consider going wherever your heart and career wants to go.  Your academic credentials help you be yourself.  If a company you talk to seems narrow minded, find a more progressive competitor to work for - or start a company and go after their business.   

The software company I joined in 1991 has a policy specifically protecting gender expression.  Coming out at a company like that is super easy.  I think it’s a smart way to run a business. 

Glad you’re here, and congratulations on Saturday!

Real-Life Experience / Re: Here I go again :-(
« Last post by Sno on Today at 04:05:26 am »
Sorry, Laurie? What for? If we don’t know when times are tough, how can we help you hon? So I’ll have no more of that nonsense.

If you want to cry, do so. If you need to stare out of the window for a month, then do that. Shout, jump, rage, smash, vent, sing, paint, build, all you need to, but by apologising, you are negating your own feelings, for the perceived benefit of the rest of us and in your world, nothing much should matter more than your own mental health.

For me, the head meds make me numb, and prone to trying (and failing) at burning the house down, through errors in the kitchen.... at least yours have expanded your emotional range :)


Cooking / Re: What are you having for dinner? 2.0
« Last post by Chloe M on Today at 02:50:05 am »
Still cold snowy and icy here, so The big cauldron will be out for my home made ham and lentil home made soup :angel:
Transgender talk / Re: First time public shopping
« Last post by BC on Today at 02:38:53 am »
When I first bought women's clothing, it was a little bit nerve-wracking for me at first as well, since those of us assigned male at birth typically grow up viewing that behavior as taboo.  It can take a little bit of desensitization for us to get over this culturally ingrained closed-mindedness.

The first time I bought women's clothes a few years back, I bought them from a store that sold both men's and women's clothes (it was a Forever 21 store with a fitting room area that was used by all customers regardless of gender).  I quickly learned that no one cared about what I was trying on and purchasing (fast fashion stores like F21 and H&M are very "hands-off" in terms of associate involvement with customers).  Once I had several feminine outfits in my wardrobe, and could therefore start appearing feminine in public, I built up the courage to start shopping in women's only stores along with department stores.

I have since moved beyond fast fashion for my feminine outfits, and have started shopping at more upscale stores in a desire to purchase higher-quality, versatile items that will last for many years to come.  These days my favorite stores for women's clothing are probably Nordstrom and White House Black Market.  One of my favorite items I have since purchased was a reversible dress from WHBM (online link included for illustration purposes only).  The patterned side of the dress seems less forgiving on my body type, although it also functions as an LBD with the solid black side facing outwards.

And I've actually come to enjoy shopping at stores with high levels of customer service.  I've only been misgendered once (at a women's only store, to my embarrassment... I was more worried about the other customers' reactions than that of the sales associates, although I did kindly correct the SA on my preferred pronouns as it was probably just a slip of the tongue) but it didn't impact the customer service I received or the willingness of the sales associates to serve me.  Come to think of it, in the end sales associates just want to make a sale (and possible commission money), so it doesn't make much business sense to discriminate against a transgender customer.

Also, if you're worried about trying on clothes in the store (and don't think you "pass"), at pretty much every women's store I've been to, I've always seen guys waiting around for their significant others and/or female friend(s) in the dressing room area when their SO or friend tries on clothes.  If you think your gender assigned at birth is an issue, imagine for a moment that the aforementioned guy were actually interested in the women's clothes at that specific store for some reason.  Logically it's not that much more of a step to go from waiting on somebody else trying on clothes to you actually trying on clothes yourself from that point.

Most of the worry about us shopping for women's clothes, at least based on my experience, is pretty much all in our heads.
Do the grafts come from the back of your head?
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