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Transgender talk / Re: I have a headache of a time figuring things out
« Last post by redhot1 on Today at 08:04:44 pm »
Thing is, I never really tried to dress yet. Sounds awkward I know
Transgender talk / Re: Here I go again :-(
« Last post by KathyLauren on Today at 08:04:12 pm »
Of more import is figuiring out if I can be a woman IRL.
If I can do it, so can you.  I found that there was no way I could NOT do it.  I may get stared at from time to time, but what they are starting at is me.  I get to be myself!  How cool is that?  You can do it too.
Testosterone / Re: Peidmont Health for T
« Last post by Pao on Today at 07:59:54 pm »
Yes it was helpful, though not what I wanted to hear.
Beauty / Re: Amazon Echo Voice Activated Camera
« Last post by RandyL on Today at 07:59:12 pm »
I noticed from watching the video that it actually has full Echo/Alexa capabilities which is probably why it's so expensive.  I have an Echo and I paid like $180 for it so I guess the $200 price point makes sense if you take that into account and now adding a camera to it.
Yeah I just realized that today too -- it's a full Echo with speaker, Wifi/Internet, etc.  So a person could just buy the camera and not even have a separate Echo.  We have an original Echo and a Dot, and really like having them in the kitchen/living room and the bedroom ("Alexa, what's the weather today?" "Alexa, set an alarm for 6:30am tomorrow" "Alexa, play Deep Peace").

Those who know Amazon's history believe it will have a lot more capabilities added over time -- video phone/intercom anybody?
Transgender talk / Re: Here I go again :-(
« Last post by Cindy on Today at 07:57:34 pm »
Being comfy with either IRL is going to be a challenge. Of more import is figuiring out if I can be a woman IRL. That is far from certain.

I was mulling this the other night in that mid time between when the pain is biting and the meds haven't kicked in and the brain needs to be distracted.
Could I have coped if I had not transitioned? Is there any way I could go back and pretend to be a male?
It was interesting and very calming.

We fear fear itself and uncertainty is one of the major human fears. That is why when people are being interrogated or even (bad thoughts) tortured there is always the time when the the interrogator just puts forward the idea of what will happen and lets the victim think. That is the time the weaker person breaks.

As many of us know from experiences outside of TG, our greatest fears of what may happen to us are generally unfounded. Not that it does us any good next time we face a new uncertainty! We still quake with fear of the next make over, no matter what it may be.

Transgender talk / Re: Full Body Tattoos.
« Last post by Christine1 on Today at 07:53:46 pm »
I agree Ilyria! Girls rock with tats!
My GF (was) about to pick me up from the 2 day stay at the recovery facility, most of the discharge paperwork has been done so rsn I'll be out of here. Predictably I tapered off of the Percocet yesterday, the pain isn't all that bad and I've taken some Tylenol to get myself down to sf. This post turned lomger as we arrived and got stuff dome.

Tylenol alone was sufficient to the task at hand and so I'm an airbnb in the Haight, dreaming of glass color incompatibilities --  not fun when combined with diarrhea.
Testosterone / Re: Peidmont Health for T
« Last post by Elis on Today at 07:44:18 pm »
Don't live in Atlantic but RLE means living full time as your actual gender. So they'll need to see prove of name change and will go by the date on that document to know when you started.

Hope this was helpful.
Transgender talk / Re: Here I go again :-(
« Last post by JeanetteLW on Today at 07:43:40 pm »

Apart from the way it sounds why Laurie?


  I have known several ladies named Laura. I think I even dated one a couple of time but none were special, no crushes like Jeanette or Janet. So that bring up the main reasons I liked Laura. First I like the name and second my initials would remain LJW (Jeanette is still going to be there) So why Laurie?, you asked.

 !. My friend in Missouri didn't care for Laura as it has some negative associations for her and she suggested Laurie.
 2. I can keep my initials
 3. I like it a bit better than Laura as it is less formal sounding, more fun sounding
 4. I am comfortable using Jeanette and can still use it as a middle name using either as my mood dictates

  So I believe (at least right now) I like Laurie Jeanette Wxxxxx  I like the way that sounds, so it is a matter of becoming used to being Laurie. Can I be as comfortable with Laurie as I am with Jeanette. Being comfy with either IRL is going to be a challenge. Of more import is figuiring out if I can be a woman IRL. That is far from certain.



Male to female transsexual talk (MTF) / Re: Living on the other side.
« Last post by Itsdone on Today at 07:36:04 pm »
I've heard people say that your personality will change and that you will become a different person, but I suppose I never fully grasped the entirety of those changes. One of the hardest parts of beginning to transition for me is simply not knowing what to expect. There is so much information out there, and talking to therapists is incredibly helpful, but you always know there's going to be a new challenge each day you could not have expected. So thank you, I know I'll keep in mind what you said; it was a lot of wisdom.

I don't think your personality really changes. You just start being who you are. Once free from the guilt of hiding and once we give in and accept who we are we become real.
If anything we become more alive in many ways.
Its like I was along for the ride with Doug.. the old me.  But I had to put Doug in charge, be Doug and be the man.  I never liked it but never jumped out of the truck so to speak.
I truly feel almost like my soul did not change at all.. and I still have the same bone structure but I have left behind everything else.
Its still there.. and at times I cry over it.  Remorse for the loss of myself.
But I just have his memories. And once your transitioned that is all you have.
The past is still there.
I almost feel like I just arrived on earth literally .. free to be me.
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