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Real-Life Experience / Re: An update on me...
« Last post by anne_indy on Today at 10:55:54 am »
What IS it with transgender women and pickles?

I opened this jar 6 hours ago. With my two house guests it is half gone already!

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So my recent purchase of a jar of dill pickles that I use on my sandwiches is hormonally driven? I hadn’t done this in eons, until recently.

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Transgender talk / Re: Crossing your legs, what am I doing wrong?
« Last post by Lucca on Today at 10:54:49 am »
Just a thought... last year I strained a muscle in my leg and it didn't seem like it did much damage right when it happened, but for months afterward, it hurt to position my leg in a certain way, while my other leg was fine in the same position. It got better, but it took half a year or more. So, if one of your legs is sore in a position and the other isn't in the same position, maybe you pulled a muscle at some point and didn't realize it until now?
Hormone replacement therapy / Re: Beginning Of HRT March 27th
« Last post by Alaskan Danielle on Today at 10:43:30 am »

Dear Claire:  I have been watching and reading your thread and I am very happy to read about your wonderful transisiton progress as you continue your journey.   It can be an exciting ride for sure.
Please continue as you have been doing... keeping your readers up to date.
Thanks for your postings.
Hugs and well wishes,

Transgender talk / Re: Crossing your legs, what am I doing wrong?
« Last post by ErinJohnson on Today at 10:39:37 am »
Might just be the way you're built specifically.  I sit with my legs crossed left over right about 70% of the time and then switch.  It always seems to grow more uncomfortable more quickly with right over left so I switch back faster.  When I first started sitting that way it was rather sore for the first day but then it just seemed natural.

And (incidentally) I know I use it as a way to signal myself that I about as feminine as feminine can get but I recently found out my dad does it too.  And he's an alpha male backwoods country boy from just off the bayou in NE Louisiana...  Go figure.  I couldn't stop staring.  It kinda freaked me out.   ???
Transgender talk / Re: The Official Maddie Thread!
« Last post by Alaskan Danielle on Today at 10:37:20 am »
yay! Last night was my first time going to a wedding as a woman and it was amazing! I always felt uncomfortable going to formal events as a male, I didn't know how to dress myself properly, I always would have much rather picked out a nice dress, and it means so much that my first wedding as Maddie was for my best very nice. Then later on the guy tried to get me to dance with him but I wasn't ready yet.
- - - - - -
A little while later he was talking to me and I forget what he said leading up to it, but he put his arm around me and said that they (he and his wife) support me, as long as I'm happy. It was very sweet and then later he sent me a request to follow me on Instagram.
- - - - - - -
. I got a few compliments on my dress too! Overall it was a great night!
- - - - - -

- - - - -
Dear Maddie:  What a lovely good news posting.  You look terrific in your pictures... I especially like the one of you doing your dance moves.   I love how you are dressed... you look amazing. 

Thank you for keeping your readers up to date regarding your journey... I am always looking forward to reading your updates and viewing any pictures that you chose to post.
Christianity / Re: I wish I could find my way back
« Last post by reborn on Today at 10:34:03 am »
I don't believe this is the proper forum for your proselytizing. It is titled Christianity for a reason.

Not at all. I just tried to guess why God is not responding. I am not proselytizing at all.
I just got my latest lab results.  T is still too low to measure (< 0.087 nmol/l); E is in the target range (558 pmol/l) and slightly up from last time.  So I'm good hormonally for 12 months now.
That is awesome news congratulations

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Transgender talk / Re: The Official Maddie Thread!
« Last post by Chloe_freebird on Today at 10:30:34 am »
Hi Maddie I found your post the other day just finished reading it . Your friends wedding looks amazing and lots of fun.
How is your kitty did you get to keep him?

Xxx Chloe
Introductions / Re: Hello All!
« Last post by ErinJohnson on Today at 10:27:46 am »
Thanks everyone!  I wanted to post here because I read and saw how much support and information everyone here had to offer.   If I do need to know anything I figured being a part of this site would be a good place to start.

Eryn - I call them my masks.  They were me pretending to be something else just to get by.  Entirely figurative.  :-)  Of course I think I actually did a whole lot of damage to myself over years...  I have a lot to work on. One step at a time.
Crossdresser talk / Re: Where do you keep?
« Last post by Jin on Today at 10:19:24 am »
I keep mine in the closet, right next to hers. My wife found out about me the first time she undressed me, years ago. A snicker, a giggle, then a mischevious grin.

Sooner is better than later.
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