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General discussions / Re: What Made You Happy Today? 6.0
« Last post by ElizabethK on Today at 07:33:28 am »
Wow!  That's pretty close to where I am.  It's a great feeling, isn't it?  Like driving through a long tuner we thought would never end, to see sunlight just ahead!

Yay!  And congratulations on your endurance getting to this point.

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Love the description...the long turn started 21 months ago Yahoo....hope you are enjoying your spring cleaning

Fluff-tastic! .

Checking out my legs in the shower this morning, I reckon my thighs are getting fatter, yay HRT!

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My wife and I just bought identical (except colour) thigh Garters that are designed to stop the chaffing at the top of your legs from your this rubbing together when you walk...might be time to stock up!! oh yeah and YAY HRT
Facial feminization surgery / Re: Swelling timeline?
« Last post by Debra on Today at 07:25:37 am »
looks like I missed the pics, dead links.

That being said, I don't feel like I had too much swelling in the forehead and the nose didnt look too bad either after the first couple weeks.

But I did have some weirdness swelling around the eyes (not noticeable visually) that apparently was making it difficult to completely shut my eyes at night and my eyes were drying out. Kind of weird.
Hi Nina

I went fulltime about 6 or so months earlier than I had planned...I had been on HRT about 8 months. I was attending anywhere I thought of as a "safe space" as Liz. These were places like my Psych and Psychologist, My Specialist Dr and my GP as examples.

I very quickly got tired of flip flopping presentations depending on who I was out to and where I was going. So I talked it over with my wife and we both agreed I may as well finish coming out and then go fulltime, but to make sure I sorted out my Name changes out before hand and had some legal ID.

I wasn't great with makeup nor fashion, nor voice but all those things I have worked on. I can now do my basic makeup in about 30 minutes to a level that is certainly reasonable but continues to improve. My voice is good enough for to make a difference now

Passing requires context, where do you want to pass? Being examined by a Dr or sitting in your car waiting to the lights to change. Are you thinking late night partying at a nightclub or going to the supermarket to buy bread and milk....

Whilst it is the toughest thing I have ever done in my life the rewards make it all well worth it. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
Yeah it's really a tough call. It's good to interview a bunch of them because everyone gets a different feel for different people.

Personally I chose Deschamp-Braly because of forehead work and really happy with it. I also did rhino with him because it kind of goes hand in hand with forehead work.....but not quite AS happy with nose as with forehead.

That being said, nose is harder to get right (you see a lot of nose jobs out there) but if I ever got it modified, I may choose to go to a more specialized nose doctor (rather than an FFS one).
General discussions / Re: How did you find Susan's?
« Last post by Tiame on Today at 07:14:33 am »
I was doing some hard core research on stuff. And always seemed to be pointed back to this forum.. So made an account. Been lurking on and off for over a year
I went full time as soon as I finished high school. I had already been on hrt for a year. I didn't have to learn female behavior because it's just my nature. But before I transitioned, female behavior caused me a lot of grief!
Transgender talk / Re: Confused/confusion
« Last post by Cindy on Today at 06:57:01 am »
Oh Sarah!
Shut up on the not bothering people crap.

If there is a problem then there is a solution.

Firstly you need a:.... is the usual, but let us think.

OK step back. The issue is that you are having thoughts and ideas about yourself that do not conform with those of others. You are rational. You see your medical issues and you accept self limitation (to a point).

So where do your desires and thoughts come from? They are not chemically driven so .. they are real.

Now what we need to do is to convince others,  for the sake of getting the medical attention we need.

This is where a therapist does help.

Was there a psychiatrist or a clinical psychologist on your team?

If not is there an after care care program that you can trigger?

There is no reason to be scared, no matter how scary it all is.

That's too bad. I've got friends with a 3-year old that just explained to him that I'm not a boy anymore, and his response was 'OK!'. Does a 3-year old really even understand gender? Seems like it'd be easier on her to get used to it now.

GAAAHH!!!  Did that finally happen?! It's been so long since I'd heard anything about it I'd completely forgotten!!  :icon_joy:  :icon_chainsaw: :icon_boxing: :icon_joy:
Don't spoil it for me! (and no, the link didn't work for me - that's OK, I'll find it)

The link I put in is showing up as a video on my post for me.  Weird.

My brother said the child psychologist at work said this is the worst time to tell them, this is the point in time where children start to learn genders.  I don't see it as a problem, but this psychologist does.  Says "it's confusing" to young children.  My studies seem to show it differently, but I'm not a licensed psychologist......yet.
Hormone replacement therapy / Re: Minimum age to start hrt
« Last post by Julia1996 on Today at 06:39:47 am »
I think it really depends on the Dr. The first Dr I saw at age 17 said he wouldn't prescribe hrt for me even though I had my dad's consent and he was there with me. The second one I saw and still go to had no problem prescribing hrt for me with my dad's signed consent.
Male to female transsexual talk (MTF) / Re: Hips enlargement
« Last post by Sarah.VanDistel on Today at 06:37:10 am »
Hi, people. My height is 174cm and weight is 60kg. My waist is 74cm, and hips - 91cm. I started like androgyne and my HRT didn't change my body. I'm skinny and I have almost no fat. To gain weight is impossible for me, even if I eat completely wrong, contrary to all diets. Therefore lipofilling is impossible for me too. I want to enlarge my hips by implants. I saw surgeries on the hips, but it was a femoroplasty as a lift or installation of implants into the back of the thigh. This corrects the shape, but doesn't make an enlargement on the outer surface of the hip at coxofemoral joint site. I also heard that because of the high mobility in this place, the implants can very poorly hold and will easily move. I have found only one surgeon who doing this surgery, as I would like. This is Dr. Chugay:
And I would like to receive information about whether someone else is doing this surgery, except Dr. Chugay. And also, perhaps there are real examples of people on the forum, with a done this surgery.
PS: I'm not interested in the lining under the clothes. I want to have a beautiful body.
Hi Yavanna! I'm having lipofilling of my hips in 02/2018, but my surgeon (Dr. Doornaert in Belgium) also works with implants. Here is some more info:

Hugs, Sarah

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