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General discussions / Re: How do you comfort someone who feels old?
« Last post by Ryuichi13 on Today at 09:55:41 pm »
39? Ha! What I’d give to be 39 again. I’m 55 and some days I feel it and some I don’t.

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Same thing!..Even though I'm 55 as well, I usually don't feel it. 

39 isn't old, its just getting started good!


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Christianity / Re: On Sin
« Last post by Julia1996 on Today at 09:50:15 pm »
I don't think being trans is a sin. God did make us this way right?  But I don't care who thinks it is a sin. I have an aversion to religion. I have no use or tolerance for these fanatics who say we are doomed to hell for being trans or that aids is god's punishment to gay people.  I don't understand how people can be so ignorant and backward. I would never disrespect someone's religion. But if you're going to call me an abomination and say I'm going to hell for being what I am then you can kick rocks.
Therapy / Re: Gender Therapy and fear
« Last post by Jessica on Today at 09:46:55 pm »
Well it looks like we're narrowing things down. I'm not a crossdresser, fetish or otherwise. I'm also not a transsexual, i.e., needing surgery. I'm in the middle somewhere on the spectrum, lean more toward female.

I have too many conditions to be a TS. I could transition if I could look like Marlo Thomas in my avatar, but not as a non-passing TS. I won't go there, that's my limit. I think if I was really TS, I wouldn't care. I would like electrolysis and may discuss with the wife. The idea of having breasts is very attractive, but not sure on that one. I would have to have the wife be okay with it and then decide if I need hormones or not. Not too sure though, it's a heavy step, health risks, etc. and what do I do if they show in guy mode? Yeah, maybe not, unless I wanted to go 24/7.

Could I live as a woman, yes. Would I? If I was good-looking, yes. If I was an obvious TS or not good-looking, no.  If FFS made me presentable would I? I don't know, it's an awful lot of pain, etc. to try to get there. Not sure I want to work that hard. I've been out crossdressed in my youth and was presentable, but now, I'd need a little work. I do know I need to move more toward the feminine to be happy. Lose weight, some electrolysis, etc.

I knew a TS once, I thought, hmmm, maybe. Then I saw an obvious TS who just didn't pass. I got a visceral response and thought, "no way, no effin way". I'm sorry if that is harsh. Just telling the truth.

Too many conditions being thrown up. While I want to be a woman, sometimes very badly, I don't "have to" be a woman. Who knows, maybe later I'll change my mind. But for now, no.

Please feel free to comment.  :)

It's like I wrote that, so similar.  At group last night that was the topic we talked about.  How there is such a huge variance in the non-binary world.  Myself, I go from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Comfortable in the in between too.  After a month or so of hrt I can say I feel good and at the moment in balance of my emotions and thought.  At some point I may say "this is enough" or I may say "I need to continue".
Hugs, Jessica
Transgender talk / Re: Alcohol and HRT
« Last post by Sinclair on Today at 09:45:26 pm »
It really depends on how much you drink and if you lose control when you do drink. The test for people who do drink is rather simple. Can you stop once you start, or do you go to your tolerance level? To have 1-3 drinks is not a problem. But, if you tend to crave alcohol after you start drinking and blow past a moderated level .. it's a problem.

As far as HRT, alcohol use in cis males tends to redistribute fat to female areas -- breasts, butt, and unforgettably the belly and face and neck. So, IMO, occasional low risk use of alcohol should not effect HRT. But, regular binge drinking and worst case, daily drinking, may add fat to female areas, but grow that belly and increase face fat and remove muscle. Alcohol is not helpful when transitioning.
Hormone replacement therapy / Re: Psychological effects of hormones
« Last post by Jacqueline on Today at 09:42:00 pm »
I think my experience was a combination of both Anti-Androgen and Estrogen combined with the first real therapy I have ever done.

I did feel a little less gauzy(like you are describing walking through fog, clouds, cotton). +1 on the drop of anger. Able to see more positive sides. Able to be happier. I always felt like my body was a puppet being controlled from within, I feel more immediate now. I can feel things now. As I said, I don't know if it is a lack of T, gain of E or just good therapy but I had shut myself off for years.

I started to feel emotions and can now cry. On the down side, I did not feel so much before so when I got depressed, I just shuffled through. Now, if I am not careful, my depressions can plummet lower than ever.

My SO says I am so much more pleasant to be around. I can be fun now.

Not sure if that is what you are looking for but for what it's worth.

With warmth,

Transgender talk / Re: Alcohol and HRT
« Last post by Dena on Today at 09:40:21 pm »
Looks like drinking and Spiro isn't a great idea. If you want to do it, I would suggest you discuss it with your doctor and find out how much you can safely consume.
I live like 15 miles from his practice. I’ve heard great things about him for the most part. The only downside is what insurance he accepts, which isn’t many. I saw a TedX with bowers recently. She’s pretty cool too.

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Hormone replacement therapy / Re: Psychological effects of hormones
« Last post by AshleyP on Today at 09:38:24 pm »
How many people found that to be the case, and is it also possible it's partly 'just' psychological, in the sense of relief at finally taking this big step to do something about your dysphoria.

I've come to think it has a great deal to do with your frame of mind upon starting hormones. Because of my medical history, I was skeptical that I would ever be on HT and had resigned myself to that. Nevertheless, I went ahead with a RLE and had experienced that for about two years along with about six years of low dosage spiro. Even though I thought I had set my expectations low, based on feedback that I got from sites like this one, I expected at least some "mental" changes. I didn't get any. So, I'm not sure there are any physiologically induced "mental" changes. YMMV

Aren't "mental" changes, almost by definition, all in your mind anyway? :)


General discussions / Re: How do you comfort someone who feels old?
« Last post by Gertrude on Today at 09:35:39 pm »
39? Ha! What I’d give to be 39 again. I’m 55 and some days I feel it and some I don’t.

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Transgender talk / Re: Here I go again :-(
« Last post by Gertrude on Today at 09:30:55 pm »
Seems like those closer to us can hurt us the most. I’m sorry this happened to you. I hope she has a change of heart.

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