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Transgender talk / Re: Trans While Travelling - TSA Experience
« Last post by Claire_Sydney on Today at 06:44:17 am »
And that's your prerogative. But it doesn't change the fact that you'll keep revisiting the issue if this is how you handle these situations. Reality is what it is and your being indignant in the face of it won't change a thing. It reminds me of an old expression. If you keep doing what you've been doing, you're going to keep getting what you've been getting. 

I was reflecting on your comments throughout today.  I won't press the point any further because I doubt we are going to agree but your post still seems wrong to me.

It reminds me of a men's rights activist telling a young woman that 'if she is going to go out dressed in short skirts, she can expect to be harassed by men.  If you keep doing what you've been doing, you're going to keep getting what you've been getting.'

Whilst both statements are true, they shift the focus off the inequality and place blame on the victim.  Instead of emphasizing the need for systemic change and discussing means to make it happen, they focus blame on the person who has suffered the indignity.

In my mind, women and girls are entitled to dress however they are comfortable (provided basic decency is met).  The focus of critcism should be on the patriarchial legacies that objectify female bodies, not slut-shaming the women or girls who live with it.

Similarly, I believe transgender passengers are entitled to retain their privacy and not disclose their transgender status in front of their business colleagues or other travellers.  I believe transgender passengers should not be unncessarily singled out for invasive searches by a machine that does not understand  what it means to be trans.  The focus of criticism should be on improving the system so that trans people are treated with dignity and respect.
Transgender talk / Re: How do you cope with rejection?
« Last post by elkie-t on Today at 06:42:38 am »
Some people are just not meant to be partners. Don't fall into a trap of chasing her the rest of your life. If you want to be friends with, be friends, but just look for a partner elsewhere

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I wonder if I weren't feeling so mixed up about this if I hadn't bought silicone forms.  When I put them in and the weight drags my chest down, and my arms bump up against them, this charge goes through my body.  What I see in the mirror otherwise doesn't have quite the same effect.  I want to buy some simple corsets and see some semblance of curves.  If I just wear a tight top and pull the fabric in something similar happens.

I bought a ton of clothes on the cheap and like having such a variety of outfits around, the feel of the different shapes and softer fabrics.  Dressing up I still enjoy, but wearing male clothing in public is starting to bother me.  I stopped underdressing on the job for a while, since my work clothes are unisex - then thought about it and started underdressing after all.  I practice things like raising the pitch of my voice at the end of sentences and crossing my legs at the ankles, too.  Dunno if anyone is picking up on things like that, don't care either.
Another option is hand delivering a letter.  That way they can read it and digest it and you don't have to be worried about getting nervous and fumbling apart your part of the conversation. Then you are there so they can ask questions and answer any questions with you in person.
Coming out of the closet / Re: Going to my sister's now
« Last post by RobynTx on Today at 06:29:05 am »
Glad it went well.  I'm also the kind of person that wants to do these discussions face to face.  I've already told my wife and plan on telling my sisters next when I'm further along in my transition.  I hope things go well when you go and tell your mother.  I think that will be the hardest for me.
Transgender talk / Re: The biology of how we all become whoever we are
« Last post by laurenb on Today at 06:19:05 am »
Thanks Josie. This is such a great summary of the biology. If most people were as scientifically literate as you, this wouldn't even be a conversation. But yet many Americans think dinosaurs and humans were contemporaneous. I had a similar experience and looked at it from yet a different biological angle. I found that the evidence of gender variance and/or the existence of multiple genders in both high and low level species is pretty overwhelming. So in that sense, trans individuals are all over the evolutionary tree. Being an avid amatuer horticulturist I always loved that there are plants that spontaneously change gender, are both genders, are separate genders in different parts of the same individual or are single why wouldn't there be. Evolution thrives on variance.

Moreover, if one takes that mountain of modern biological observational and laboratory research and add to it the large historical and anthropological record of the existence of transgender folks in cultures all over the world across recorded history, you just come to the conclusion that denying our existence has everything to do with belief systems and nothing at all to do with fact.
Significant Others talk / Does my son have roid rage?
« Last post by pinkcupcake on Today at 06:19:00 am »
My female to male son (16) is on his second week of testosterone injections. We are supportive of his transition, and want the best for him. My husband (his step-father) gives him the injections.

They do not have a very good relationship, and my son is very negative to my husband since my husband has not always been kind and loving to him in the past. He is trying to repair that now, but my son will have none of it. I generally just step back and allow them to work it out as best they can.

Last night, during dinner, my son was talking about politics (he basically only ever talks about either tg subjects and/or politics) and my husband, very respectfully disagreed and told him why. My son got very upset and took off to his room, yelling "f*** you, husband's name." I made him come down and apologize, but of course, he didn't really apologize, just took more verbal swipes at my husband. My husband calmly tried to reason with him, but my son was in such a state, that there was no reasoning to be had.

I told him that until he could have a conversation with us, that he would not be doing things with friends he had planned last night and today. He tried to leave the house, but I told him he could not leave, he was grounded, and turned the key back in the door. That is when he violently attacked me, hitting me in the head as hard as he could, five times. (he was grunting with the effort of it.) Since he couldn't leave, he ran up to his room.

My husband again tried to talk to him, and apologized for the way he has behaved in the past. My son was still having none of it and tried to leave again. Once more, I kept him from turning the key in the door, and this time he hit me once in the face. I told my husband to dial 911, and my son once more went back to his room. I have told my son that if it ever happens again, that I will call the police. He is taller and stronger than me, and I am only five foot nothing. (and in my early 50's)

I am going to try to set up an appointment with his therapist for all of us to attend, and also with his doctor to get his levels checked. I hate to even think it, but if we are going to be living in hell for the next 2 years, then I may have to just have him wait until he moves out to continue the testosterone, as I will not be screamed at and assaulted in my own house by the child I raised since birth.

So, all that being said, has anyone else experienced this? What did you do? What should I do?

Thanks in advance for your advice!
Hormone replacement therapy / Re: Alternatives to spiro?
« Last post by loes on Today at 06:12:39 am »
Androcur <3

My doctor also prescribes Androcur. From what I read here I asked about Finasteride. She told me that Androcur is more powerful and that non of her patient had any problem in the last years.

Rachel, based on the " <3 " I guess you like it ?
A 2016 provincial decision made a dent in the astronomical wait list, but hundreds of patients are still waiting for a call.
Male to female transsexual talk (MTF) / Re: Relationsip questions...
« Last post by KarynMcD on Today at 06:01:44 am »
I think it's more that they are not out to their family/or others yet.

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