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Which terms do you prefer in sentences? "Gender change" or "Sex change"?Sebby Michelango413773
What is the difference between IS, Taliban and Al-Qaida?Sebby Michelango61394
If you had to choose, would it be teeth as hair or hair as teeth?Sebby Michelango0721
When you wake up next day, would you like to wake up as cisgender...Sebby Michelango517360
Why do people in some countries accept dictatorship and discrimination?Sebby Michelango163441
Hello i have a question !emipanda2946
Do you think you do pass and is passing important for you?Sebby Michelango244444
If you had to choice, would you be a vampire, werewolf or a witch?Sebby Michelango163028
Silly Question on the NHS & GP - Talking About Being TransgenderKongBeta41227
Can you imaging yourself being at the opposite side of the transgender spectrum?Sebby Michelango23995
Do yall think I could pass ever?SAGEZILLA181456
A few questions about career.Ajcanine3382
Back to School TransitioningHaradonia8912
Wanting To Start HRT HELP!!!IhazAcc0unt2758
Hormone treatment question?samchindamo6827
Height question.Equestriaghoul8572
Starting T, stopping T, then starting again?Parkhockey276781
Advice on binding or other mehods?gildedfire2542
THC & HRT ?Madeline182243318
Do I Look, or Could I Pass, as Female? 3.0VMVS1979321816
How do I handle this? (NSFW)hihellothere1744
Binder Questionanime4life4737
Post-op Vaginal Tightness and What to Do about itCordialSunset47156
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