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I've tried an "improvised skirt"LSC51353
Hello - I don't know what to thinkLSC121518
Question about breasts?EmmaYui21253
Photographer seeking age 40+ transgender individuals living in UK for photoshootbexday123401114
Sex reassignment surgery adviceanonGirl188571332
Anybody else feel the term mahu describes you better than trans?Username19943773
Surprised lack of reaction from mom coming out mtfUsername19943644
Suppression of accurate gender identity so much you forgot until.Username199481020
Poor surgery, disabilityqqqq61805
i need serious help D:nataliapatalia161512
can someone please help me ):nataliapatalia131196
Hormone replacement therapy and the human immune systemangelats31003
So excited and anxious, too!steven19657763
MtF, Circus Artist/Acrobat, looking to slim armsLuFe262748
Hiding Breast Growth at WorkEmilyAlt142164
Anyone had MtF genital surgery with Dr. Jennifer Hyer at Denver Health?SaraSerenity0947
Vaginal microbiome and odour_cassie_111584
Living somewhat comfortably without changeEveVT212073
What to do if i wish to be a women but yet i want to keep my male genitaliaErinaGaming4727
Abdominal Skin Graft?Ashx1101086
We are not 'accidents'...Jessica_Rose151383
it's timeamandaholland7816
Hello this methisisme084645
Jaw contouring and chin surgery with Dr. Ley - Jessica_RoseJessica_Rose464433
Introducting Amy Michelleamymichelleb73101042
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