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Title: Anxiety attacks/Dysphoria
Post by: Midnightstar on March 06, 2016, 03:28:37 am
I've been struggling with anxiety attacks today a lot
due to past lost friendships or misunderstandings between communication
on top of everything being transgender doesn't help the anxiety because while i'm freaking out for not completely known reasons over my field friendships i'm having dysphoria about my chest and voice.
I'm on medication, but i need to find another anxiety med because it isn't working so until the new appointment i'm basically out of options. Does anyone have good coping methods to get the mind to not forget but to ride out the feelings and let the past just become dust? I also may have ptsd so this includes dreams that reflect what happened and my feelings on "Everything" i sometimes find myself waking up in a jump but not completely jumping up it's more like a scare awake or a slight yelp.