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Back in the closet ** Trigger Warning **PeterSteele4602
I am back PeterSteele4454
suicidal ideationnick.order201510
This isn't for everyone.CosmicJoke6756
gender dysphorianick.order2352
Ftm drag king that just needs some help with an alcoholic sibling.Hellboi4320
Just had FFS. Could this be post-op depression?scrambledeggs7901
Spousal Detente; Non-Transition; Dis-association; Kids; Money and LoveListlesswanderer111218
Losing my JobAlanna19903296
Lost and seeking guidancekogami2303
ftm: just feeling really downHellboi7504
Year Twods19876513
PLEASE HELP : AM I FTM?jazzhands2459
Should I just give up? How should I cope. HelpHD106906b161036
Bienestar in East L.A. (Transgender Support Group)Asakawa1508
Hello ;-;Davy5429
Coming Out and Family Issuesbluetrebleclef2339
My PrisonToni O8766
My girlfriend’s voice is deeper than mine.PeterSteele3713
Kind words for a strangerDandanan12655
Parents forced me on birth control (2 months on it so far)PeterSteele8959
Crying Over Being Forced On Birth ControlPeterSteele262189
I feel like I don't know myself anymoreRikez4687
Polycythemia & low T levelsradiohead12331033
Mother's day makes me incredibly sad.Doreen0569
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