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3 Months Post-Op with Dr. Christopher McClung in Columbus, Ohio - Review and PicBlackMoonstorm2418
Abdominal Skin Graft?Ashx110591
Angies Blog - Part 4: The last Stage (GCS)AngelaJade351540
2 weeks off Estrogen before GCS. Please describe the effects....Ms. Tokyo15798
A Slew of Meta Queries (Post-Surgical Consult)Stonemoss_Sha5403
New Robotic MTF SRS Technique by Dr. Geolani Dy?vivisawesome22121025
PPV Surgery with PriyaMEDcbraeburn3659
Constant pain after nearly 5 monthsSojourn4603
SRS/GRS Bottom Surgery What Drs Take Medicaid 2019Debra21124605
Dilating in Different PlacesSojourn5900
GCS II and FFS w/Dr Ley on 26 July 2019 - Jessica RoseJessica_Rose385539
Does anyone have any experience with Dr. Kathy Rumer? Gender Incongruent121397
Bottom Surgery with Dr. NgSojourn0373
GRS/SRS surgery with Dr. Sutin at PAI in Thailand 2019Estoni93192397
Stretched Skin In Vaginal OpeningViolet61430
NYS Attorney General Fines Insurance Company for Transgender Treatment DenialsLexiDreamer0295
Anxious re: GCS & jaw FFS w/ PAI: (aka deciphering surgical reviews is madness)JEvelyn4368
Has anyone experienced necrosis following GCS?scrambledeggs3607
Dr. Kathy Rumer GCS inquirySarah3144562
GRS in Portland w/Dr. Dugi on November 19LindsayB2462
I have a lot of questions about GCS in Thailandscrambledeggs101322
Reputable surgeons for MTF GCS in the southeast?feedmecurry3498
GCS SurgeonsBriBriMW101195
An Aussie Girls GCS Story LizK47826794
Colorado Springs, CO electrolysisJessica_Rose0340
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