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Moving, Abandoning EverythingRaeden3257
looking for suggestions on a transgender psychiatrist - AdelaideOzChick0177
How the hoax that the LGBTQ community is embracing pedophiles went viralSailorMooo0201
(Hopefully) A Reboot, for Questionersaunatural9507
As I Am..SailorMooo0337
Advice for my teenNickymum9726
I am not that passable. I want friend like myselfcalmmie3426
Boomer MtF with a long history - short intro.DebbieB4388
Longest you've held off transitioningashley78596
The second step towards the goal of going official is taken, makeup!Jennifer19756441
Nice to get a warm welcome.Sarah Stevenson7568
Has Brassard re-opened yetErika_6635
I don't like the emotional changes.Erika_15989
Finally getting the moneyIdontknowbutiwould4425
The stigma of being trans, does dysphoria last a lifetime?Idontknowbutiwould9637
I want to die. Missing a guy, wanting surgeriesIdontknowbutiwould8705
Legal Help Needed!sjelliott937479
Chemotherapy, hair loss, and the transwomanjenpa6432
Radiation to my neck/chain caused facial hair to fall out; now it is regrowingjenpa4487
I'm on my way forward.Erika_8604
Yes Jesus loves me - love for transgender peopleJennifer19750239
As a former pastor in conservative church, I am now moving forward as meJennifer1975151168
I really hate being trans. Erika_261430
why won't it end?lostfox7631
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