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FTM testosterone and fertility Questionray3562106
Testosterone and Corona VaccinesHolden4219
About the storage of opened androgel?buglemouse23263
Any chances of height increase?Asaph4345
Testosterone messing up your voice?TheAmazingRatman4467
Testosterone Gel Left OutsideSwampMonster9447
My latest hormone levels, comments?nz_maddie5332
Not Sure If I'm Doing My Intramuscular Thigh Injections Correctlybeefyboy9600
Top Surgery Info??JupiterT80360
Why is Testosterone a "Controlled Substance" and Estrogen not?JanePlain151300
How long for testosterone cream to work?alina6466
Estradiol failed to impart feminine shape, back to testosterone... I'll explainJosephine8Alexandria181149
T and acne?Alex12315355
Insurance and Prior Authorization for T?abruptlyjunkless4974
chest sensitivity increasing on T ftmvolka5426
2.5 years T, almost no changes?AmbiE6660
Flying with Hormone TherapyHolden4433
Pre loading testosteronenike0074413
North Texas Endo Recommendations?ratkingleo3360
Hi, I'm MilesMilelias3224
IM T Injection Issues ?AxelM071225
Hairloss and seeking advice from people who have come off Tdeepsixed6860
11 Months on T Update!ehrhyse0338
Testosterone, smoking, vaping, and more! ftmblues71036
FTM: Concerns about still having female reproductive organsFTMjamie2296
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