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Hrt, exercise and it's side effects alequeenofspace4284
Endocrinologist near Ventura, CAParkerTalks0120
Morning Sicknesskyliekarma4382
About the storage of opened androgel?buglemouse23260
Applying œstrogel on the facesophie892373
Two Year Anniversary on HRTSusan R8534
Introducting Amy Michelleamymichelleb7310615
A Few HRT Related Questions for you Fine Folkswildcat20839480
on the path to a new me. have questionslongjourneyahead10432
Hair lossLola-lola1274
HRT Story... so far... and a question.SamanthaMQ2449
2 weeks off Estrogen before GCS. Please describe the effects....Ms. Tokyo15801
Is it safe to restart HRT after a week's hiatus?shawn8566427
Benefits of DutasterideLara134468
Does it get better after 2 years?SamiStar865544
Where to go from here?JessicaRiddhi8618
Nice to get a warm welcome.Sarah Stevenson7564
question has anyone else notice a change ?TGril5320197454
I don't like the emotional changes.Erika_15978
Testosterone messing up your voice?TheAmazingRatman4462
Micronized progesterone vs medroxyprogesteronerusti_mae4282
Testosterone Gel Left OutsideSwampMonster9446
First TimesToniToday644539
decapeptyl and enantonePenelope Fleur1198
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