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advice with family and microdosing terr0r910351
surgery results- 30 days post op- CTA & GlottoplastyMetamorphosis7291
Facelift with Dr. Ley - Jessica RoseJessica_Rose672360
Angies Blog - Part 4: The last Stage (GCS)AngelaJade351545
Orchiectomy SailorMooo101333
Question for US Veterans - what has VA actually covered for you, medically?TSL_NB10898
Has Brassard re-opened yetErika_6630
Best place to get hair transplantfayevox2311
Post voice surgery exercise issues.fayevox3403
Finally getting the moneyIdontknowbutiwould4423
The stigma of being trans, does dysphoria last a lifetime?Idontknowbutiwould9633
I want to die. Missing a guy, wanting surgeriesIdontknowbutiwould8703
M to F from Every AngleComplicaeted4561
A Slew of Meta Queries (Post-Surgical Consult)Stonemoss_Sha5404
I'm on my way forward.Erika_8602
Recovery stories from anyone who has had VFS (Voice Feminization Surgery)FluffLife4378
First Top Surgery Consult Today...and I'm Nervous as Hell!Ryuichi135449
How to check the reputability of a surgeon outside of the United StatesEleanor Sisto7681
Surgeons for facial Feminization surgeryShortyri00121188
Transgender Surgery: Videos demonstrate cutting-edge techniquesJanePlain2794
How to stop period ( with no "drastic" surgery or hormones)Reeve4521
Unsuccessful SRS by ChettawutWife_UK91466
Looking for Surgeon in NY?Shyanne8449
Discussion of the Different GRS techniquesAshleyPixune7582
Need link to discussions about m to f surgeryAnna N1280
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