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Finally getting the moneyIdontknowbutiwould4425
The stigma of being trans, does dysphoria last a lifetime?Idontknowbutiwould9637
suicidal ideationnick.order201510
gender dysphorianick.order2352
Full Beard Electrolysis: Where Do I Get It? DesperateLaReinaOscura10680
Wearing girls clothes makes me less dysphoric yet more dysphoricMorpheus42011763
How old were you when you started experiencing dysphoria (if you do)?pikachu612721
Thinking about giving upAngela H302790
Microdosing HRT for gender fluid dysphoriaLightbody261940
Casting your vote with ID showing F picture and gender .... bad feelsVethrvolnir12784
Looking for support- Unsure about my gender?Peachie_Cola181024
Deoafing and social normsKennedDoll0245
Transition ExperiencesAlyxzandriah11636
Saying goodbye to the biggest triggerMariabella5451
Will I ever get over my fear of the men's room? (FTM)ratkingleo111080
Opening up before dysphoria diagnosis?Vanilla bean4278
Dysphoria blows, I feel like a chipmunk trying to be hulk hogan ftmblues5493
When does the discomfort you feel become distress to be diagnosed with dysphoriawiktor5507
Progesterone but unwanted Libido?Skarlettg8625
Musings on tolerance.JB_Girl4459
Need help with finding an "androgynous" haircut samsonavery121456
What should I do?Elizabeth35703440
A couple of quick questions for post-op ladiesVeronicaS100191945
Questions for ladies who have had SRSVeronicaS10013886
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