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Title: Criminology UK: University of Essex Eclat
Post by: chrisalex on December 08, 2019, 10:26:13 am
The Times and the Daily Mail, both UK news papers, reported an ├ęclat at the University of Essex. A lecture by a professor of criminology was cancelled, officially because the department feared disturbance by LGBT activists.

According to the articles, the activists claimed that the planned lecture violated equality standards and requested its cancellation. The topic of the cancelled criminology lecture were trans related issues of and in the judiciary and penal system.


Western public controversies about the phenomenon of trans appear to have emerged in the past years only.
This might be related to US "president" Trump's and his son's public rants about transgender people, or not. Whether it is related or not, in the past years, since these derogatory public rants started, in some western nations there's certainly a notable increase in public controversy (and respective media reports) about transgender people and issues.

From the point of view of trans people, this increase in public controversy could appear (highly) intimidating. As a tiny minority, trans people could feel all the more vulnerable when suddenly widely confronted with this controversy. A large majority in society focusing on us, debating over us and our rights, needs etc, actually is intimidating. Parts of the public certainly lack sensitivity and maybe empathy there. Especially academics should be aware of this and therefore handle transgender topics with adequate care... But to our academic so called "elite", this too might just seem theory as so many other so very human things, I guess. Hard to relive theoretically, indeed...

According to the Daily Mail the deportment of criminology at the University of Essex refutes the allegation of disregard of equality standards. Professor Jo Phoenix who's planned lecture was cancelled has said she is concerned that academics are anxious about the suppression of analysis and discussion of transgender identity. And Richard Garside, the director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, told the Times, he hopes that the University of Essex gets this event back off the ground. "Appearing to capitulate to a handful of bullies and ideologues is not a good look", he said according to the Daily Mail...

The ongoing public controversy about transgender people and issues as it's currently seen in the West might even faintly remind some of us of the beginnings of the Nazi pogroms against various minorities. Coincidentally, the Daily Mail quotes a historian of the University of Essex being part of the protest against the now cancelled lecture.
Maybe the University of Essex deportment of criminology should reflect on the sensitivity required for publicly debating highly sensitive matters such as trans issues related to the penal system, rather than just blaming LGBT activists for grounding a lecture and disabling so called "academic" analysis and discussion of transgender identity?

In my personal opinion, the public debate now must move focus onto the standards of the current public controversy about transgender identity and what this public exposing and stigmatising means to us in terms of intimidation. It would be up to academia to lead this discussion, in theory at least as so many other things in academic theory...

As there are militant feminists on women's rights, I guess there are militant transfeminists on women's AND transwomen's rights. Guess what... Zero tolerance for transphobia and disregard of equality standards. Zero.

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