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Title: Traveling with IM hormones
Post by: Daae_Phantom on January 20, 2021, 04:35:43 pm
dumb question but I just switched from pills to Estradiol Valerate <Dosage not allowed>   What is the best way for travel once the vial is open? The little cap doesn't stay on securely after opening, Is a zip lock bag good enough?
Also If I check it into my baggage do I need to worry about the vial rupturing due to pressure? Should I just carry on the vial and check the syringe/needles?

Title: Re: Traveling with IM hormones
Post by: Rakel on January 20, 2021, 08:20:06 pm
Estradiol Valerate Injection has a metal ring which is intended to keep the rubber stopper in place. Do Not Remove the entire metal ring. Only remove the top cap or metal cover over the center of the vial and push your needle through that rubber cover after wiping with an alcohol patch. This is a sterile product and if you are removing the entire rubber cover, you break sterility and risk giving yourself a contaminated injection.

Having said that, look at the vial. Does it say Multidose or Single Dose ? If it says Multidose, you can puncture the rubber cover a few times, using sterile technique, but you should finish the vial within 30 days or whatever the maker states in the instructions. If the vial says single dose, it is designed for one puncture and to discard the rest, whether you use it or not.

Your doctor, nurse or pharmacist should have given you instructions on how to give yourself an injection.

Title: Re: Traveling with IM hormones
Post by: Rachel on February 10, 2021, 06:27:09 pm
When I fly and need to inject remotely. I put my vile and syringes and alcohol pads in an eyeglass case and in my purse. My dilators and lube are in my carry on bag. Priceless when they pull thedilators out and ask hey what are these. I reply vaginal dilators, a confused TSA agent face follows then a surprised and startled look. Funny as anything.

Once in Trenton airport a TSA agent 10 feet away yelled hey what are these while holding up the dilators in the air. I replied and several people heard the reply. Funny moments.

Oh, my script is on the E box. I keep the e box in my purse. I also cut the syringe script off the bag and put that in my purse.