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What made your day today?Lady Sarah9273 journeyKaren03661093668
What made you happy today? (ftm only, ;), please!)PurpleWolf1213907
The happiness/peace you felt after transition?PurpleWolf11431
Just Signed Up - Excited To Be Here!KiraReneeDarling3237
Friends (not the TV series haha)Alanna1990111315
HappyElderGeek Celebrating 40 Years...As a WomanHappyElderGeek4864
Can I be happy? post-transitionMikeyG500232391
What aspect of life do you most look forward to after transition?alienbodybuilder746312
What a wonderful afternoonsarahtokes12720
Told Best Friend, Got Supportmichellemartine2423
First Endo Appointment! (Jacksonville Florida)JaceBWynn3653
First T shot!!SketchyDash3596
What made you happy today? For mtF members only, please.ChiGirl1997212836
Does HRT change your band size? (Male to Female)TransKaty113637
Father spoke to mehandy101424
I need to get my documents and passport in order: I'm going to Thailand!!!finallyRandiGirl@5731115
Sara,s day of fun and learning stuff ..fusstangtroy0684
Who else is proud? HumanBeing222153
What Made You Happy Today? 5.0FrancisAnn2000137127
Two and a half years of living in peace (30 months as a woman!)finallyRandiGirl@5741200
I'm a happy woman, so why do I think and talk about my abysmal past so much?finallyRandiGirl@572826
GOD, I LOVE BEING A GIRLfinallyRandiGirl@57162052
Exciting news! My new life begins!!!MaríaJosé5973
The Happy ThreadTori122027
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