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Cooking / Re: Have you tried Chocolate Orange candy?
« Last post by Northern Star Girl on Today at 02:33:05 pm »
Dear Jessica;
Yes indeed, a quality chocolate along with the orange flavor is wonderful.

When I take the long road to travel to the Alaskan big city of Anchorage, there is a
chocolate shop in a shopping mall there that sells hand dipped dried apricots
 ....  VERY delicious
... also they hand dip other dried fruits such as cherries, strawberries, raspberries,
bananas, pineapple, seedless grapes, and orange segments.

I love chocolate in just about any form.... but the dipped dried fruit and
the fruit flavored chocolate is terrific....  I can't just eat one piece.

Cooking / Re: Have you tried Chocolate Orange candy?
« Last post by Jessica_K on Today at 02:08:22 pm »
Dear Chrissy:
Yes indeed, very, very tasty....

“It’s not Terrys it’s mine”

Jessica xxx
      Report: At least 32 transgender people killed in US in 2022

                                     Associated Press News

  November 16, 2022

Excerpts below:  (click the NEWS Link above to view the entire story)
At least 32 transgender and gender-nonconforming people have been killed in the United States in 2022, the Human Rights Campaign announced Wednesday in its annual report ahead of the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Transgender people of color account for 81% of known victims this year, and 59% were Black. Trans women are disproportionately represented, as they have been in years past, also comprising 81% of the deaths recorded at the time of publication.

The Human Rights Campaign has documented at least 302 violent deaths of transgender and gender-nonconforming people since the LGBTQ advocacy organization began tracking such fatalities in 2013 — the same year the FBI began tracking hate crimes against transgender people.

The victims have been “overwhelmingly Black, under 35 and killed with a firearm,” the report states.

Black transgender women, such as Shawmaynè Giselle Marie, a 27-year-old nursing assistant killed in June in Gulfport, Mississippi, comprise 63% of all recorded victims since 2013.
Non-Op / Re: Decided I will be non op
« Last post by Tills on Today at 01:56:09 pm »
Also wanted to add that an orchidectomy is another, entirely valid, form of Genital Reassignment Surgery.

One of the great things about an orchidectomy is that it's such easy going surgery. There's relatively little pain. Post-op recovery is quick: you can be up and about in a few days and the likelihood of any post-op complications is vanishingly small.

In terms of gender effects, an orchidectomy halts male hormones and, hormonally, places you in the same category as those who go through with varieties of vaginoplasty.

It also removes a significant part of the male bulge, although not all.

Of course, there are those who will say that for them it is not the full outcome, and those arguments are well aired and also to be respected.

But in lots of ways for anyone who is reticent about vaginoplasty for the reasons given on this thread, an orchidectomy presents another excellent pathway.

@Nadine Spirit
Dear Nadine:
Yes indeed the "Heated Throw Blankets" are the best thing ever invented ....
....especially a good thing here in Alaska. 
Sometimes when I am in bed I will have a hot water bottle near my feet,
that too is a good thing!!!

My feet can be cold even though do have an Electric Blanket on my bed
that I use about 9 months out of the year.

Thank you for sharing and posting.

OMG, my hands are freezing like all of the time! Ugh! However my wife who is going through menopause, she is heating up. We used to be the opposite. Hormones are funny.   

How do I deal with it? Normally I heat up water and put it into a Nalgene water bottle and keep it in my lap when I am sitting on the couch. But recently I bought a heated throw blanket and I love it! Mmmmmmm!!!! The first night I got it I totally passed out fast asleep on the couch when I was just "testing" it out. Hehe.
Hormone replacement therapy / Re: Dealing with cold hands and feet on HRT
« Last post by Tills on Today at 01:31:37 pm »
   The last month or more, probably 6 weeks in on hormones my hands and feet are constantly cold. Very cold. I mentioned this to my GP doctor who laughed and said you are becoming a woman, now you know why we (women) are always cold. Its 70 in the house and I have thermal socks on and tried wearing gloves and a hat inside. I was always one to wear only a sweat shirt in the 20's most of the winter outside, now I'm contemplating buying a heated coat and gloves. I spend a great deal of my time outdoors and already dressing like its in the single digits even though its only in the 20s-30s. Does this happen to all you ladies?
   Freezing Gigi

This made me smile: totally totally totally get this!!!! Last night I went to bed with feet that were blocks of ice and I've just been snuggling up to a water bottle to get my hands warm. Often wear a 'snood' indoors (kind of wraparound woollen thing).

Thanks for sharing this Gigi. It's comforting to know there are other iceberg ladies out there  ;D

Non-Op / Re: Decided I will be non op
« Last post by Tills on Today at 01:28:06 pm »
You are not alone Nora, as i also will at present not put my body through that pain. For me i'll do my FFS and BA, maybe an orchiectomy. But the rest can stay. Don't think i am willing to sacrifice months of pain and not being able to ride a bike for many months and longer if i had issues.

I really respect the wisdom of those like you and Nora who come to this position. I think in many ways it takes as much courage as those who go through with it, for all kinds of emotional, social, and psychological reasons.

Total respect.

General discussions / Re: What made you unhappy today? 8.0
« Last post by davina61 on Today at 01:26:55 pm »
Susan's not raising enough again this month, can't afford it but putting some in.
Fun and Games / Re: Single Word Association Game 24.0
« Last post by Northern Star Girl on Today at 12:41:38 pm »
Fun and Games / Re: Two Word Association Game 15.0
« Last post by Northern Star Girl on Today at 12:40:28 pm »
         Envelop       Envelope
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