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Title: What is your diet?
Post by: Aeyra on July 10, 2007, 08:56:42 am
I am a pescetarian.
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: tinkerbell on July 10, 2007, 10:16:04 pm
My diet consists of half a can of tuna (in water, not oil), one banana, one apple and 2 liters of water daily.  I'm rather anorexic lately, so yeah.  BTW this is my own diet and my doctor doesn't know about it...   so shhhhhhh  :eusa_shhh:

tink :icon_chick:
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Jeannette on July 11, 2007, 12:53:01 am
I am on a calorie based meal plan. Meaning I can eat anything on a food list, but I have a caloric limitation. I go through the food list, make sure I get the required food from each group and stay away from processed or fried foods. I cut back on sweets (but now I make my own low calorie ice creams and desserts) and I drink plenty of water. I also follow a 7 step plan.
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: MeghanAndrews on July 11, 2007, 10:06:05 am
I check other. My diet is pretty much the same every day:

1 banana @ 8:30 am
1 nonfat yogurt @ 10:30
3 oz boiled chicken, 2 boiled potatoes, 1 cup boiled carrots, 1 cup boiled celery @ 12:30 pm
1 non fat yogurt, 4 hard boiled egg white @ 4:00 pm
same thing I had for lunch at 6:30 pm
snack on 1 cup nonfat yogurt @ 8:00 pm.

I feel great on this diet. I've been on it for 4 or 5 months now. I also take a multi vitamin and do cardio 4-5 days a week for 1 hour.
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Dennis on July 11, 2007, 11:22:06 am
I checked other - typical Canadian diet I guess - not vegetarian/pescetarian/ovo-lacto-chickenatarian. I'll eat whatever I'm served, although I'll pass on zucchini.

Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Pica Pica on July 11, 2007, 12:47:59 pm
I love food. I eat most things. I adore fruit and cake and fruitcake. I also love chocolate and carrots, but not chocolate carrots.
I may kill for a lifetime supply of green olives or a life time supply of dark ale - particularly porter.

My favourite cooking style is Mediterranean
My favourite biscuit is malted milk
My favourite hot beverage is tea with milk no sugar
My favourite non-alcoholic cold beverage is a pineapple and coconut smoothie
My favourite fruit are mangoes
My favourite chocolates are Fry's Turkish Delights
My favourite veg are parsnips
My favourite brand of beer is Centurion's Ghost, made in the city of York
My favourite cheese is feta
My favourite small pickled thing is caper
My favourite seafood are mussels
My favourite meat is pork
My favourite curry has saag in it
My favourite chinese dish is beef in blackbean sauce
My favourite toast accompaniment is pesto
My favourite condiment is wholegrain mustard
My favourite bread is granary loaf
My favourite revel - peanut, least favourite is orange

I do not like:

Baked beans
Butter in sandwiches
Pizzas or burgers

Today I am having Herring grilled with lemon and fresh mint, steamed broccoli and roasted sweet potato.

I don't really have a diet though.


Due to the fact that I am looking after the family dog, I live a 12 mile round trip from my workplace (and my lift is on holiday) and I work as a person who carries things from one place to another, I will be walking around about a marathon a day.
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Aeyra on July 11, 2007, 12:50:24 pm
Wierd thing is where I live I'm a minority in this area. Everyone here eats the typical Amurican <poo> diet: Cheese Puffs, buttered burgers, pork chops (yuck), rump roast (yuck), canned tuna (icky), butter (no thanks), sloppy joes (no way), beer (for a community that beleives in all kinds of BS liquor laws people here get drunk all the time), potato chips, and all the garbage foods that you find at the Walmart. This city is your typical Walmart junkie fat overwieght pigpen. It sucks since my parents eat this diet and they can't figure out why they are as big as a house, and everyone here looks at you wierd if you refuse to eat their greazy fatty fat <poo> at the restaurants. Everything here is fried chicken and <poo> you find at KFC. Hate to say it but Mcdonalds is better than quite a bit of the local joints here.  :o
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: rhonda13000 on July 11, 2007, 08:30:45 pm


Extremely spartan and restricted [training/reducing diet].
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: katia on July 12, 2007, 01:41:59 am
i found this a few months ago.  give it a try.  it does work.

regardless of what pill or supplement you are taking, you are going to want to concentrate your diet around nutrient rich, filling foods that are low in fats, high in complex and fibrous carbohydrates and contain plenty of lean protein.

With the exception of your last meal each day, you should aim to have one of each of these foods at each meal. So let me break the foods down for you:

Lean Proteins
- Chicken Breast
- Fish (Salmon, Tuna, Cod, Catfish, Tilapia, pretty much any and everything)
- Seafood - Crab, shrimp, mussels, oysters, crawfish, etc.
- Lean/Extra Lean Sirloin/Round Steak trimmed of fat (includes lean ground sirloin)
- Lean Pork: Tenderloin and butterfly loin chops
- Milk and Dairy: Skim milk, unsweetened yogurts (sweeten them yourself with fresh fruit or a dab of "All Fruit" preserves), fat-free/low-fat cottage cheese (a great all-around food, especially if you can find the low-sodium versions)
- Eggs: Egg whites are your friends, very high in protein and low in fat and calories, you can literally make a huge eight egg white omelet for under 150 calories. Very filling, especially once you add in the veggies. Add in one whole egg for some good fats and B vitamins.

Fibrous Carbs
- Most fruits, vegetables and leafy greens in their "whole" condition (meaning they haven't been juiced.) So a peeled orange is a fibrous carb, but not a glass of orange juice. Makes sense?

Fibrous carbs are filling and digest slowly, so they help keep blood sugar levels even and reduce your hunger. You should be eating lots of them, especially the vegetables. Remember though not to douse your vegetables in butter or heavy sauces. Get some spice and herb mixes that you like and learn to appreciate them for what they are, versus what's poured over the top of them.

Be careful with some fruits that are calorie dense and lower in fiber, like bananas. These are great foods, but not necessarily when you are trying to lose body fat.

Good low-calorie fruit choices are blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and apples. A half of a medium grapefruit is also a good choice. It's less than 50 calories.

Complex Carbs
- These are basically whole grains and beans/legumes.

The king of whole grain complex carbs in my opinion is oatmeal. Stay aware from the prepackaged "Maple and Brown Sugar" type instant stuff, since it's high in sugar, and instead make the quick oats in the microwave and sweeten with fresh or frozen fruit and cinnamon.

If you are currently eating anything other than 100% whole wheat bread, it's time to switch. Ditch the white bread and find a bread that is 100% whole wheat. It will say it on the label.

Other good grains include things like barley and brown rice.

Beans and legumes are also great complex carbs because of their high fiber content and nutritional density. They are also very convenient. Look for canned beans like black, kidney and pintos and opt for the low-sodium versions when available. Dress them up with herbs, spices, fresh garlic, chiles, almost anything.

What About Fats?
Aim to get your fats from non-animal sources like nuts and legumes (walnuts, pecans, almonds and peanuts), avocados and bottled oils like olive oil and walnut oil. Be careful with nuts because they are calorie dense, but you should have some each day if you like them. Almonds are your best overall choice.

Okay, so now how do you put this all together?

First, each meal should contain a lean protein and a fibrous or complex carb (whole fruit, veggies or beans.) The trick is to fill your plate up with fibrous vegetables -- especially for your last, evening meal. This will satisfy you without making your calories skyrocket.

Spread your food out over 5-6 smaller meals, versus three big ones. So for a 1500 calorie plan, you should be eating five meals of around 300 calories each. You can easily do that with a 3 oz serving of lean protein, a side salad and some veggies for lunch and dinner. Breakfast should include things like oatmeal, egg whites and whole fruits.

What about snacks? Consider them meals and treat them that way. A 300 calorie snack is pretty filling if you choose the right foods. Consider buying some whey protein powder (I recommend Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey in the Double Rich Chocolate flavor) and mix a scoop of the powder with a cup of skim milk. Tastes like chocolate milk and makes a great "in-between" meal for right around 300 calories.

Three final things:

About the GNC dietary supplement. I don't know your specific info like height, weight and age, but I would suspect that a 1500 calorie a day diet will cause you to lose weight without the supplement. This is probably why they tell you to limit your calories to 1500 -- on most people this would cause weight loss. So if you do lose weight, it's probably because of the improvements in your diet and the calorie reduction, versus the supplement itself. Brilliant, isn't it?

I'm willing to bet you could do this on your own without dropping the $$$ on the pills. Just something to consider.

Second, make sure you are exercising as well. The physical activity, even if it's just walking 30 minutes a day, will boost your metabolism and burn extra fat. Exercise and good food are the best fat loss supplements on the market.

Third, aim to lose your fat slowly -- 1-2 pounds a week. That means by December you could lose up to nearly 50 pounds safely just by adjusting your diet and adding in some exercise. So I think your goals are very realistic. Even if you lost a pound a week, you would be looking at around 25 pounds of fat that you've lost.

Lastly, think about using a calorie-tracking website to keep track of your food and consider investing in a food scale if you are really serious about this. Both of these things will help give you a better idea of portions and calorie content. Eventually, you can ease up on using them once you have a better idea of what's what, but they are invaluable at the beginning.

Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Lori on July 12, 2007, 07:11:07 am
I'm on a see food diet

I eat everything in sight.  :icon_sadblinky:
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Suzy on July 12, 2007, 09:10:28 pm
I am on a diabetic diet, which basically means no refined sugar or corn sweetener, very limited carbs (and the right ones at that), and protein from sources without much fat. 

Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Manyfaces on July 13, 2007, 12:30:51 am
I pretty much try to follow the diet outlined in The China Study-- ( exclusively a plant-based diet, supplemented with some fish.  It's easy, inexpensive, and extremely healthy; not really a "diet" so much as just an approach to good nutrition that doesn't require a lot of work.  Very interesting reading, and backed up by sound research.

Currently I'm in love with banana waffles topped with sunflower seed butter and apricot sauce.  It's a major food group, all by itself.
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Ms Bev on August 08, 2007, 06:04:18 pm
No breakfast, but coffee, w/aspartame.  Lunch is usually Chinese....w/steamed rice, beef and broccoli (about 1-1/2 oz beef, looks like).  Snacks: couple of apples, a bananna, 1 oz cheese.  Dinner.....whatever is served, but about 4 oz of meat, small serving of carbs.
What I love......a large can, cold from the fridge, of peeled whole tomatoes, plus the juice (I have this before dinner, or with dinner every night...never tire of them).  Bedtime snack:  fat-free crackers, or flavoured rice cakes.  For emergencies, I keep a bar of dark chocolate in the dresser.

Weekends.....4 scrambled eggs breakfast, an apple or banana.  Lunch, maybe a grilled chicken wrap or two from mac dee's, then dinner as listed, unless we eat out, then it's whatever I want, basically.  Maybe a steak, baked potato w/sour cream.  I always come home with some of it in a box to snack on while watching 'The L Word', or a movie. So, one day a week, anything goes!

I never limit my fruits or veggies, and often have 4 or 5 servings of low cal veggies, and eat as much fruit as I want.  The biggie, is keeping my fat grams under 20 max per day.

On any given day, I drink a gallon of more of bottled water.

Sloshing Bev
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Valkyrie on August 08, 2007, 08:51:10 pm
I'm vegetarian.  ^_^  A few years ago, just after I switched to vegetarianism, I used to have a problem with eating too many carbs.  But that was because my previous diet was pretty much just meat and carbs and sugar.  (I was raised in the Texas of the north).

I can't really give a description of what I eat on a daily basis because I try to eat as diversely as possible.

i'm cycling 7-10 miles a day on the stationary.  i've lost 16 pounds so far, but have plateaued recently and havent lost an ounce all week.  i'm trying to keep my caloric intake at or around 1600 per day.

That's really good! ^_^ 
You probably know this, but that plateau is normal.  Your body has probably adjusted to your new caloric intake.  In addition you may have added muscle.

Also, I haven't tried this yet, but my friend sent me some studies that show that green tea (which has caffeine) WILL make you burn more calories per day. I'm going to try it, maybe you could switch one of your cups of coffee for green tea.

Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: no_id on August 09, 2007, 03:23:18 am
Heck, I don't even know what some of the options mean, so I'll just describe my diet in a precise and concise way:

Whatever diets are accompanied by timetables mean absolutely nothing to me. All I do is listen to my body; I eat when I feel I need to eat, and throughout the day I often have small meals, nothing or a bigger meal to fill up the void. I suppose I am quite lucky not to like sweets, but since I often forget to eat fruits I occasionally end up having to take a spoon of sugar when I'm lightheaded from being too active. I also don't eat meat, since I never really liked it, and decided to cut myself off completely to do something idealistic (?) instead. However, I do eat fish so that disqualifies me as a vegetarian (Alas!).

Basically vegetables make me happy (Yay for vegetables! respect thou vegetables!), and the 'listen to your body technique' allows me to lose weight very slowly, but once it's gone it's gone: there's no jo-jo effect involved, and it's fairly healthy ;D

Okay, that wasn't exactly precise and concise... Bear with me.
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Jay on August 09, 2007, 05:38:15 am
I chose Typical Amurican Diet! As there wasn't a Typical English Diet of eat all the junk food you can!!! However I do drink over 1 gallon of water a day and make sure I have 5 fruit & Vegetables a day!
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Butterfly on August 09, 2007, 07:27:36 am
The best diet is called a lifestyle change. there is no "diet" that you can stick to for the rest of you life. if you want to lose fat, then a change in you lifestyle is what you need to ensure continued success.

The best way to lose fat is simple - exercise. If possible, do some cardio first thing in the morning before eating any full meals. This burns the maximum amount of fat. Since your body has not had any food for the last 7-10 hours, it burns the fat in your body for energy. If not, then cardio and a little weight lifting anytime of the day will do. It is important to build some muscle since it will aid in your fat loss. The more muscle mass you have, the faster your metabolism will be.

Also, try eating small meals more frequently as opposed to the big 3 (breakfast, lunch, dinner). try to eat a small meal every 3 hours. The reason for this is that your body burns more calories since it is constantly digesting something in your stomach and will raise your metabolism. It is also useful to eat small meals because your stomach will not be full and will always have a smaller look. If you are afraid of doing this because you might end up eating more, try this: when you are about to eat lunch, separate everything on your plate into 2. eat half and leave the other half to be eaten 3 hours later. do the same with dinner.

Lastly, losing weight is just simple math. If your calories taken in are more than what you use (exercise, daily activities, metabolism, etc) then you gain weight. If it is less, then you lose weight. If you are really determined to lose weight then I suggest you start counting how much calories you consume a day and cut it by 300-500 each week until you notice some results.

Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Melissa on August 09, 2007, 07:11:02 pm
I'm on a junkfood diet.  I eat snacks like potato chips and cookies and make sure I don't get hungry.  I'm losing weight fast too and it's not just muscle, because I have an excellent  scale that keeps track of body fat percentage and it's actually been steadily dropping.  It actually reflects my doctor's office scale well too.  No I'm not BSing about this and I don't know why this diet is working. :D  I now weigh less than I have in about 9 years now.  The only problem is my clothes are starting to be WAY too big now and they don't show off my figure well. :P
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Antares on August 31, 2007, 09:21:53 am
I'm vegetarian, but I don't really keep track on what I eat.
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Melissa on August 31, 2007, 02:45:20 pm
I'm on a junkfood diet.  I eat snacks like potato chips and cookies and make sure I don't get hungry.  I'm losing weight fast too and it's not just muscle, because I have an excellent  scale that keeps track of body fat percentage and it's actually been steadily dropping.  It actually reflects my doctor's office scale well too.  No I'm not BSing about this and I don't know why this diet is working. :D  I now weigh less than I have in about 9 years now.  The only problem is my clothes are starting to be WAY too big now and they don't show off my figure well. :P
I bought new clothes now and I've adjusted my diet a bit.  I don't avoid snack foods, but I also don't gorge myself on them either.  I try to keep something in my tummy at all times, but try to avoid stuffing it.  This seems to be working and I'm now a couple of pounds less than 3 weeks ago (I plateaued for a while).
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: Tay on September 01, 2007, 11:50:22 pm
I eat what I can afford.


White rice, stewed beef/hamburger (I can get several kilos of this, frozen in tubes, for 10 bucks), tinned soup, dried soup, frozen veggies, homemade bread.

That's about it.  I eat a variant on that every single day.  Sometimes, for a treat, I get mac and cheese. 

As far as drinks go: White tea (I had some fans give me a large amount of a beautiful, very expensive silver needle white tea), jasmine green tea, iced tea (from powder) and water.
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: lisagurl on September 12, 2007, 11:11:10 am
Knowing where your food comes from is important. Minimize processed food and artificial ingredients. I eat a diversity of most foods in sparring amounts. Moderation is the key. Balancing calories, fat, veggies, sugar, proteins, salt, etc and exercise will lead to a healthy body.
Title: Re: What is your diet?
Post by: funnygrl on September 12, 2007, 02:09:22 pm
I haven't started HRT being new and just now wanting to change, but as a diabetic on oral med's only I really liked the South Beach diet. I was...(omg) like almost 500lbs when I was diagnosed w/ diabetes. I started South Beach that day in Feb. 2005 and by July 2005 I was 310lbs.

Then, the ambulance that I work was struck head on by a drunk driver and I was laid up for 6 mos. with a broken right leg and started gaining again, however, I've turned all that around. Still don't have the body I want (pref. fem), but I love the advice from "Buterfly's", "katia's"  and "Kristi's" posts. God I still have a way to go, very frusterating; especially now.

South Beach is basically a "Meditarranean diet" when you start phase 2. I do my own cooking just because I too have to watch the sugars and starches I love oriental cooking in my wok, and the spicier the better  :o :o

oh and, salad's, salad's, salad's...blah-blah-blah.