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Title: Multiple chemical sensitivity
Post by: Father Way on October 26, 2015, 04:45:45 am
Does anyone suffer from mcs and hasn't been able to find a mcs safe place? It's been a yr.. I'm about to give up, in a week I might have no place to go,, its cold and rainy outside I might turn up dead on street sometime soon. I don't want to but I did everything I can to prevent this. If anyone can't help me I'll take that as a sign it time to go.

Be considerate to people with chemical sensitivity, their suicide rate is as high as 60%. We are told to crazy, most people don't care, they rather use their toxic products too inconvenint to care about our health. We get poisoned in silence everyday, hr,, medical industry ignore that people with this condition exist, suffer a great amount. I haven't had sleep without poisoning for a yr, I can't just do this anymore. Being trans will add more danger when I'm end up on streets. I'm already so sick and much strength left..