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Sex reassignment surgery adviceanonGirl18857865
Refused surgeryDarilee3650
Long-term implication of HRT without SRS/GCScamie10782
SRS Advice (Dr Bank or Dr Kamol?)angelreyes2649
Surgery 10/3 in SF. Support in SF area?RozzieB2840
Dr. Ting VS. Dr. Bluebond-Langner and Dr. ZhaoMindy More71332
Gender Ressignment Surgery In Amsterdam , Netherlands...Gianna Chondrokoukis3566
3 Months Post-Op with Dr. Christopher McClung in Columbus, Ohio - Review and PicBlackMoonstorm21119
Abdominal Skin Graft?Ashx110932
GRS Update: Recovery, Healing, Dilation, Sex.Gender Incongruent21032
Weight and SRSMoniqueChris121663
Has Brassard re-opened yetErika_6920
Surgery Getting Postponed Because Of Covid-19?Emmanymar302341
Peritoneal vs Colon?Emmanymar232580
A Slew of Meta Queries (Post-Surgical Consult)Stonemoss_Sha5591
New Robotic MTF SRS Technique by Dr. Geolani Dy?vivisawesome22121560
I'm on my way forward.Erika_8909
Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic ExperiencesEmmanymar122736
Constant pain after nearly 5 monthsSojourn4903
Information on Belgrade SRS?Emmanymar2578
Suggestions for SRS SurgeonsEmmanymar4784
Electrolysis pre gender affirming surgeryMiaDreams8842
SRS (MTF) under 18Michael123172962
Hole in vagina RavenTS21403
Transgender Surgery: Videos demonstrate cutting-edge techniquesJanePlain21028
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