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Title: Questions for Plastic Surgeon
Post by: RachelTG on May 23, 2020, 05:53:14 pm
I have my first appointment with a potential plastic surgeon for breast augmentation. Can I ask for feedback on what questions I should be sure to ask or what questions do you wish you had asked.

Title: Re: Questions for Plastic Surgeon
Post by: Rakel on May 23, 2020, 10:01:57 pm
For any cosmetic surgery, ask for pictures of the surgeons past work.

Then, after you find something you like, ask is this possible for me?

The physical choices of saline or silicone, over or under the pectoralis muscle, and the incision site are also part of the interview process.

Not all surgeons are trained to do every procedure. Do not let anyone talk you into something you are not fully happy with. There is nothing wrong with 3 or 4 consults, before you chose your surgeon.
Title: Re: Questions for Plastic Surgeon
Post by: AllieSF on May 24, 2020, 07:25:58 pm
If you like your breast size with forms or enhancers, then tell the doctor you want that size.  If you want big, then think twice because then can be real big! Ask if they center the implant directly behind the nipple to keep that asthetic look, or do they try to center the implants on each side of your chest to keep them, closer together, if possible, and give you some cleavage.

I had my BA last September, 2019.  My implants are very centered behind my nipple.  That for is is good.  However, I have no real cleavage and I can almost put a flat hand between the edges of my breast in the cleavage area.  Also, my implants really move out to the outer edges of my chest area.  I really need to use bras that push the sides in toward the middle.

I also have some small indentations on the inner sides of each breast.  That looks funny, especially if I tighten up my chest area for any reason, which is more common than you think.  Now, I am not satisfied with the end results and my surgeon.  I have two trans friends who used the same surgeon and they love their results and experience.  So, you results may vary greatly from other people's results from the same surgeon.  Ask the doctor if they will include in the price a touch up if necessary.  I am going  to need to pay for any improvements myself.

I am not sure if a the surgeon needs experience with trans bodies or not.  Mine had it and I am not happy.  It is something to ask about here and with any trans friends you have.

Good luck,


Title: Re: Questions for Plastic Surgeon
Post by: Rachel on May 24, 2020, 08:33:55 pm
I went with 550 CC Mentor Gummy Bears (silicone). I am partially under the muscle. Mentor goes up to 800 CC.

If I was a little bigger I would not complain. However, bigger has some down sides such as more boob to the side. So when you move your arm you would feel it more. Also, they do not come off. So what looks great also has some volume that is always there. I guess what I am saying there is a sweet spot between size and appearance. In the middle is you. Do not lose sight of the you.

I was hung up on size and what a guy would find attractive ( maybe I was compensating for a lower self esteem). Somewhere inside me I pulled out a good decision and picked a size that works for my lifestyle very well. I am athletic and thin. Having huge boobs and being thin and having a small booty may not look balanced.

I have a 3 inch gap between boobs. Lots of woman do. You Tube boobs and duct tape. It would not be a thing unless lots of woman are that way. It is about chest size. T has a way of increasing chest size.

I think it is import and whoever you go to make sure they have worked on trans because T changes the chest. I went to Dr. McGinn and it worked out very well.

Good luck

Title: Re: Questions for Plastic Surgeon
Post by: RachelTG on May 24, 2020, 11:19:27 pm
Thanks for the great feedback