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Male to female transsexual talk (MTF) / Re: Which hurts less
« Last post by Kirsteneklund7 on Today at 03:56:45 pm »
Good on you Gina- that is huge news!

 Kirsten x.

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Male to female transsexual talk (MTF) / Re: Which hurts less
« Last post by GinaG on Today at 03:53:03 pm »
Wow.  I just got home. From seeing my endocronoigist. As I drove home. Prescriptions filled. I was trying to find the word I will need to explain my transition.  Moni you hit the nail on the head.  As usual.  Real courage for all of us like that.  I am retired. So work isn't an issue.  Standing up infront of my high school staff much less students would intimidate me so much.  Still family, friends. It will take some doing

I have told 7 so far. Each has been loving and supportive.  I know some may be negative, but my friends are good people.   
I have a great support group. New primary doctor endo, therapist.... And the community on here.
Moni Kim.  Kirsten....everyone so ready to share and give.
Thank you Emma this thread is so loving and thoughtful.

  I know it is hard day to day I was down yesterday,  but HRT finally is real.  I feel blessed.

Hugs all around.

Damn girl that is amazing!!  Keep rocking it little sister!

I found this picture on line from the TEA Show.  I'm with Eddie Wood who won the Best Transman Performer award.

Such a sexy girl. Love your avatar Jess.
General discussions / Re: What an unusual day!
« Last post by Colleen_definitely on Today at 03:37:07 pm »
Which if you think about it, runs afoul of the unwritten "thou shalt have an awful photo on thine identification" rule.
Transsexual talk / Re: Your favorite trans themed movie?
« Last post by CynthiaAnn on Today at 03:36:51 pm »
Isn't that the one with Hugo Weaving? I've been meaning to see that.

Also, speaking of Weaving, does Cloud Atlas count? Because if so, that would be my choice.

Yeah, Hugo was in it, he's great ! Love Cloud Atlas,_Queen_of_the_Desert

It's a classic (funny)....
General discussions / Re: What an unusual day!
« Last post by Iztaccihuatl on Today at 03:35:35 pm »
Congratulations, you did it! And what a pretty picture on your drivers license!


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Female to male transsexual talk (FTM) / Re: Period friendly briefs
« Last post by mm on Today at 03:33:29 pm »
F_P_M, looks like a good find, guy boxer briefs that hold a pad nicely.  I think I will still stay with tampons, they work for me.
Male to female transsexual talk (MTF) / Re: Which hurts less
« Last post by Emma1017 on Today at 03:32:03 pm »
 Moni this is a great speech.  It is sincere, caring and from the heart.  I am so glad that your results exceeded your expectations!!!!

I am NOT taking your bet... ;D

Add my HUG to the pile,

Cooking / Re: What are you having for dinner? 3.0
« Last post by davina61 on Today at 03:24:46 pm »
pork vindaloo with courgette curry also made a pork and mushroom curry to use the leg of pork up. Recipe said 850ml of stock and only had 1 veg cube so put a chicken  and beef one in as well , mistake as it tastes of beef but will still be nice.
Female to male transsexual talk (FTM) / Re: Period friendly briefs
« Last post by F_P_M on Today at 03:15:18 pm »
Old post buuuut.

I bought these: which are pretty standard "boxer briefs" and I put a pair on and you know what my body decided? Shark week.
So I stuck a pad on and oh hey, lo and behold, it was fine.

Now, I will say, these probably won't be so good if you're using an ultra thin pad like always or something with wings (eugh wings, they're evil! if I wanted a bikini wax i'd get one!) but with my nice soft cotton kotex pads I had no problem, even with moderate to heavy flow (the 12 hour maxi pad of course was the best fit though lol)

But I take this to be good news for me as it means I don't have to wear women's panties during shark week unless I want to or desire that extra level of security from having something much tighter against me.

Hopefully soon enough I won't need pads at all. Ahhh that's the dream huh?

But yeah. YMMV but worth mentioning maybe?
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