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Yeah, Plymouth.

Ok thanks. Sorry, just some more questions...I am trying to prepare as best as I can. Do you it would be ok to go back to work after a week. If I have surgery on Tuesday then I can go back to work the following Tuesday? I work in an office and I would also get a sick note to say I can work but no heavy lifting etc.

Also, what excuse could I use for the sick note so do you think the doctor could write I had back surgery or something?

Did you have to go back after a week to take off the binder/dressings?

Gender Correction Surgery / Surgery with Dr. Stiller
« Last post by Rowan Rue on Today at 03:27:27 am »

Still waiting to hear back on whether my insurance will approve my surgery, and slowly loosing my mind.

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Fun and Games / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by TicTac on Today at 02:57:13 am »

Hey, they like bunnies too!
Crossdresser talk / straight male femme
« Last post by jenalex on Today at 02:50:24 am »
Not sure which forum to put this in, but I guess more people in this one might relate to it most.

It's a link to an article I wrote back in 2014 on reenvisaging MTF TV/CD as a femme identity. (It was meant for an anthology but was never published, so I've now put it up on my blog.)

All comments welcome :)

<Link removed under TOS 1
<3 for compliments,  I just wish beard shadow wasn't sliiiiiightly visible. :P

In that pic  :o?! I don't see no beard shadow,  ;)! You are imagining, girl.
Fun and Games / Re: What are you listening to?
« Last post by TicTac on Today at 02:42:42 am »

Believe it! (Naruto quote lol) Great song too!
Transgender talk / Re: Sarah's New World
« Last post by Jayne01 on Today at 02:42:28 am »
Hi Sarah,
It’s good how the gym correctly registered you as female and as Sarah, even though your ID says something different.

Heels! I like them, but I’m not sure I could ever pull it off. I would probably twist an ankle. Maybe small heels someday.

Looking forward to dying my hair sometime to hide the grey. I used to make fun of my wife for constantly dying her hair and now I want to do it too.

These are problems I never imagined ever having to worry about.

Whoops, never knew I was supposed to be androphyllic if I'm trans... Guess I've jumped the gun. :p
Seriously though, liking the company of men is no more a component to being trans than liking olives. Sexuality and gender have been recognized as separate issues for quite some time. In fact there are some new(er) terms to make talking about it more clear. Androphyllic people like men, gynephyllic people like women.
Much less confusing, if you know your sexuality is gynephyllic. To be honest all the women I'm attracted to have turned out to be bi, lesbian, or some other form of gynephyllic, guess I just know how to pick em.
Male to female transsexual talk (MTF) / Re: journey
« Last post by Jayne01 on Today at 02:29:32 am »
Hi everyone. 

What a day.  I had my therapist meeting today.  I was recommended a therapist, who is a tough leader in this  space.    Here's my update, after 5 hours of interviewing and about 7 assessments. 

- severe case of gender Dysphoria
- at the 97 th percentile of anxiety level


- joint meeting with my wife, which I agree
- more talk therapy and or
- testosterone blocker and
- anti depressant
- And see how it goes. 

Don't know what to feel...validated, wanting to be me more than ever, are really scared. 

Any and all advice and love welcome.

Thank you all.  I feel more welcome and understood hear than almost anywhere right now.

Lots of hugs to you

Hi Karen,
I have to say, a good outcome with your therapist in the sense that you have answers to some of your questions. From my own personal experience, my anxiety was brought down to a more manageable level as I started to understand more about who I am. The worst part for me was not knowing what was “wrong” with me. Once I figured myself out, I was able to start taking steps to deal with the dysphoria.

A joint meeting with your wife would be very good. My wife comes along to some of my therapy sessions and we find it very helpful to both be there together. Our wives have just as much to deal with as we do. If there is good communication then there is a good chance for the marriage to survive and thrive.

Also, keep up the therapy for yourself. It will help you through many of the challenges yet to surface. It is a tough road we travel. So many things seem new and foreign but also feel so very right. One of the things I learnt in therapy was to understand and trust my emotions. Prior to that, I thought “emotion” was a swear word.

It sounds like you are much further along in understanding yourself than I was when I started this journey. I hope that means you will have an easier time than I did.

Validated, scared! Yep, those two things seem to come as a package deal. On one hand you want to be your true self more than anything and on the other hand you are scared to death to become your true self. The fear is natural and expected. I am still learning to get past some of my fears but I have also come a long way from where I used to be. It is a long, hard road which can bring incredible rewards. Try and enjoy the journey as much as possible. Break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. This will help reduce the fear and anxiety and it will also give you small rewards along the way as you reach each milestone.

You are among friends here at Susan’s. People here have a unique understanding of the challenges we face, as only another trans person can.


Cant you ignore your feminem features and pretend there not there, have you ever wanted to remove your breasts when you where upset. Do you hate having to bind everyday just to hide the fat that shouldn't be there, do you hate looking in the mirror and seeing your feminem figure and wife hips knowing the only way to change what you see is going into extreme lengths via surgery in most cases. I understand your voice isn't that bad because I'm assuming it takes about 6 months to make deeper which isn't so bad, but breasts standout they are the giveaway to knowing if someone is female or male and even tho it's mainly just fat and milk ducts they can cause the biggest problems, if your lucky enough and realise your trans earily you can do methods to halt there growth before puberty puts them on you, but if you have puberty before you realise your transgender it's up to chance on how big they can grow and You will be in the backseat as nature takes conrol. I honestly am concerned how you can carry on your day hating your breasts or hating how big they where when you could of got lucky and prevented there growth before they started to grow and stay with you until you spend God knows how much on top surgery.
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