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Hormone replacement therapy / Re: Becca's HRT Journey
« Last post by Becca Kay on Today at 09:12:54 am »
Today is my 1 Year HRT anniversary.

I might be dead if not for HRT.  I don't believe I could have transitioned without it. HRT rewired my mind and lessened debilitating levels of dysphoria and anxiety.

Significant Others talk / Re: Time to Reopen Where are All the SOs
« Last post by Lantana on Today at 09:05:50 am »
Confusedfairy:  "assuming she finally texts me back"  That is so sad...  Yes, enjoy the small human.  They become big before you turn around.  It boggles my mind that my daughter is 30.  You mean she isn't still wearing black patent leather Mary Janes?
Transgender talk / Re: So this is where the road took me.
« Last post by pamelatransuk on Today at 08:53:27 am »
Hello Erika

I agree with Danielle concerning your wife; just be patient and loving and actively communicative and in time she may come round but no guarantees of course.

I wish you good luck on the waiting list being short and thus starting HRT soon.


Gender Correction Surgery / Re: Electrolysis for Labiaplasty
« Last post by Kendra on Today at 08:52:41 am »
Always best to ask your surgeon's office for their instructions but I didn't have to do any additional prep for labiaplasty.  Main thing of course is not having any hair at all growing inside after GCS, whether that involves electrolysis beforehand or some surgeons that consider follicle scraping during surgery to be adequate.  I went for a large amount of electrolysis prior to GCS as I did not want followup problems.  Amount and location of external hair after labiaplasty is I think more a matter of personal preference. 
Gender Correction Surgery / Electrolysis for Labiaplasty
« Last post by Memento on Today at 08:45:13 am »
I still have a fair bit of hair around the edges of my vagina(none inside, thankfully), and I know that's normal. Does anyone know if any of that will have to be removed prior to labiaplasty? Has anyone not been able to get labiaplasty immediately because of this? I realize it's very much a YMMV thing, but better safe than sorry.

I just don't want to risk delaying it any longer than I have to and risk getting hurt.
Hormone replacement therapy / Re: I think I'm transgender.
« Last post by Nichole Kunis on Today at 08:42:21 am »
Well I now have an appointment at an informed consent doc, that my insurance covers. The soonest appointment I could get was coincidentally the day before my wedding, so here goes....
Real-Life Experience / Re: Is being -you- tiring?
« Last post by kellb on Today at 08:42:10 am »
Hi all - thank you for the thoughtful comments! <3

I should point out that I'm not in therapy (I don't need it, seriously), and I'm not actually that self-conscious of my voice anymore.  My speech therapist told me on my first visit that my voice passes just fine, and I've never been back.

I guess Lynne has the right of it when she says it's just the constant consciousness of passing/doing.  I've never been challenged and barely had a second-glance in public.  In private, people have been genuinely surprised when I've told them I'm trans.  I'm doing good.  But it's the constant "being on", I guess, that makes me ponder.

I do love makeup and being pretty and I don't mind my morning routine at all.  I expect that as said, one day I'll wake up and stop thinking about it, and then it won't bother me anymore.
Transgender talk / Re: Life is Better as Me, by Jayne
« Last post by KathyLauren on Today at 08:30:58 am »
Jayne, I am happy that you are received well by your immediate coworkers, and that you are out to your in-laws.  (And that you will be visiting in December!  Squeeee!!)

Sorry to hear about being misgendered by others at work.  That's got to hurt! 

While experimenting with hairstyles, you might want to try one that exposes your earlobes.  While I understand that you won't be able to wear dangly earrings in the type of work you do, simple silver studs are usually acceptably safe, and are very feminizing.  Granted they will be covered when you are wearing ear defenders, but they would give people one more clue when you have them off.
I don't think it affected my metabolism or weight in any specific way. I seem to lose weight as fast as I did before and my metabolism is still super fast, so I'm naturally thin. Now that I'm working out it seems like I can eat almost anything and still keep my six pack intact.
Transgender talk / Re: So this is where the road took me.
« Last post by Erika_Courtney on Today at 08:20:49 am »
Took a huge leep and it is a very BITTER sweet moment. My therapist and I have been talking about the future, and they feel that I have put a lot of effort into thinking about gender and what I want for my future. They feel I am ready to take the next step and start hormone therapy. I told them that is the direction, I want to go as well. They recommended a couple of places and I said I will call as soon as they are open. I called and stated that I was calling because I am looking to start hormone replacement therapy. The person on the phone said they weren’t accepting new patients at this time, but the she would put me on a waiting list.

I’M ON THE LIST, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now the bitter part, my wife has said all along she would there for my first appointment, but now she is backing off that and doesn’t want to come. She says see wants to walk this road together, but she keeps avoiding counseling and now this.
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