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Transsexual talk / How do you tell a doctor (GP) you are trans?
« Last post by CallMeKate on Today at 02:24:46 am »
I'm in the process of getting a new GP as I'm out of my old GPS area now and I wish to make an appointment with them to ask then to send me to a specialist.
But when I eventually get in that room with them just what or earth do I say?  Hi, I'm trans help me?
Haha joking but what did people who have been to the doctors actually say?
Introductions / Re: Coming out help
« Last post by V M on Today at 02:18:34 am »
Hi Dustin  :icon_wave:

Welcome to Susan's Place  :)  Glad to have you here, join on in the fun


Finally got my ears pierced today!!! Ended up going with ruby, since that's my birthstone. Ended up spending WAY more than I intended, both on the starters and because Claire's had an incredible buy 3 get 3 sale, plus an extra 20% off for having my ears pierced. I've not got a ton of earrings that I can wear... eventually. Plus a new necklace, and a few things my friend picked out for herself (it was HER birthday, after all  ;D ).
Education / Re: Old things youngins might like to know
« Last post by Sarah_P on Today at 02:02:06 am »
80's power ballads!

This one is my all time favourite. The music back then was epic, haha. The big hair was something else, lol. This is the song of my childhood ;D

Now you're speaking my language! I LOVE Final Countdown!
My go-to bands when I was young (late 80s early 90s) were Anthrax and Megadeth, though. I really like Judas Priest & Iron Maiden, too. Metallica had 2 or 3 decent albums back then.....

Oh, and we can never forget Dio!
Gaming / Re: Gamers, what are you playing right now? 2.0
« Last post by Sephirah on Today at 01:55:57 am »
For the first time in almost 3000 hours of playing Skyrim I added an ENB, lol. I could never really play it before with a heavily visually modded setup because my laptop just couldn't handle it. Especially after the second GPU burned out.

But now I have a 1080Ti and a beast of a PC, I thought "Okay, let's see how far you can push it." I don't play the special edition yet because I don't feel the modding scene is far enough along to really get my teeth into it. And it doesn't have the Enhanced Camera mod. I can't play without that. So I'm still using "Oldrim".

So... I got myself every 2k and 4k texture I could get my hands on (even a few 8k ones), HDT physics, flaura and fauna overhauls, weather and lighting overhauls and the most demanding ENB I could find. As well as several script-heavy survival/realism mods, and a few quest mods. Dumped them all in there and figured the game would run at a crawl. I was wrong, lol. The new GPU is amazing. I have to turn the framerate limiter on in the ENB because otherwise it tries to play the game at like 260 fps and everything just goes a bit crazy.

The GPU just opens one eye, looks around a bit bored, and goes back to sleep, lol. It doesn't seem to matter what I do to it, I can barely even get the fans to come on. And the same is true using VorpX to play it in VR. It's totally transformed the game for me now, it looks amazing.

I've also been playing around with a couple of really cool mods. One gives your character a voice, a bit like the Fallout 4 protagonist, which is pretty cool. There are different voice packs you can add, one of which is Ciri from The Witcher 3. The other one is a tool which uses a script in TES5Edit to allow you to give any NPC the appearance and/or inventory of any other NPC, even modded ones, without having to mess around in the Creation Kit. So I've got a ton of modded followers and have been playing around changing people's looks, lol.

Turning Isran into Serana and vice versa was kind of interesting, lol.
... Someone who asks almost certainly is trying to be nice.  Maybe it's still a buzzkill, but one we can probably weather.

That's where i'm at with it too... if the effort appears sincere, like someone is trying, I think it's actually likely disrespectful to the person as well as the trans community to mistreat such an individual, could even breed the impression the trans community is intolerant of either/both sincere efforts or sincere mistakes.

I don't disagree that sometimes there may be a fine line between being too apologetic versus too harsh... where that line is seems to vary depending on context... i'm not saying it's good to smile with appreciation amidst being purposefully disrespected... but I'm under the impression that's not the subject of this thread.
Transgender talk / Re: My Progress
« Last post by Sarah_P on Today at 01:48:31 am »
Faith... just a second... ::wipes away tears::

That was beautiful! I agree, your wife is awesome!
Transgender talk / Re: What's your worst bullying experience?
« Last post by big kim on Today at 01:45:35 am »
I was a punchbag for every bully til I was 13. A tall skinny timid kid. That summer I learned fighting back from a friend's brother who was soldier. He taught me the art of dirty fighting, how to put my weight behind a punch, make myself less of a target etc. Soon i was winning fights, I didn't care about winning or losing, the pain of an ass kicking took the edge off dysphoria. On my 15th birthday  I broke my class bully's nose in a rugby game, he waited for me with 2 of his goons, I fought back but was knocked out with a cricket bat & kicked in the body while on the floor so bruises wouldn't show. The games teacher found me, I wasn't a rat & told him I would sort it my self. Over the next few weeks I caught them alone & kicked the crap out of them. One of them would cross himself & move out of my way if he ever saw me approaching him. One of them's in jail for a very long time for sex crime, other bullies are dead from drug & alcohol abuse or tramps living rough, the rest I don't care enough to find out about.
Polls / Re: Star Trek VS Star Wars
« Last post by Sephirah on Today at 01:39:20 am »
I've never really been into Star Wars all that much. I prefer Star Trek, and especially the reboot movies that have been made recently. I love those. I think the new crew gels wonderfully, and Chris Pine has really got into the Kirk role. Although Anton Yelchin will be sorely missed.

Not to mention both Zachary Quinto and Sofia Boutella are kinda hot. :embarrassed:

I've seen those three movies several times now, and honestly I could re-watch them any time.
Passing / Re: Question about how discrete GC2B is when buying a chest binder
« Last post by Nbj on Today at 01:23:15 am »
Hi there,

All i can say is that for me (paying via paypal) only the lines "Karen Larenas" appeared. No company or product names. You DO get the details via mail though. But as already said, I'm not 100p sure how that would look like via normal banking, without paypal (although I'm sure it would be the same)

Hope that helped somewhat.

Best luck!

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