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Did anybody have Shy Bladder issues before transitioning? MTFMallory7915324
Do guy friends talk with each other in the bathroom?PurpleWolf20571
Sitting to Pee in the Mens Roomloren1291092
Non-binary people: Which bathroom do you use?PurpleWolf7430
Gender fluid needing to rantJakeMarley7620
Effects of Bathroom Bills?tdunn1712997
Kicked out of bathroom at Walt Disney WorldDaria67181894
Transgender Woman Arrested For Voyeurism At Ammon TargetGwen Rhydderch163355
Passing in the bathroomSebby Michelango121194
Afraid to get a haircut due to bathroom dramaMisterQueer4931
Really, class mates? "North-Carolina Bathroom Bill joke" - Insulting joke?Sebby Michelango31010
The most difficult decision for a transgender person....which bathroom to useBrittanyNicole131136
A milestone event has happened! Switching to the womens locker room at the YMCA!Shawn Sunshine133457
I finally used the bathroom! Shawn Sunshine271453
public bathroomsmegan7777161762
Should I encourage my MtF girlfriend to use the girls' bathroom?? Help?J44191463
Using an STP in public bathroomsnyrangers3051773
How To Reply When Outed in the BathroomCarKitty627785
I used the men's restroom for the first timeCaptain2806
Fear and Loathing in Public Bathrooms, or How I Learned to Hold My PeeLearnedHand01846
A rather odd personal question (tucking)emilyking6957
Time to FIGHT... for you RIGHT.. to POTTY!Penny Gurl161907
Bathroom lines and anxiety?vinnie413122222
Clever Idea from a Midwestern BoyAmadeo0906
Maine- Father reacts to ruling in Orono transgender caseSandraJane0967
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