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wanting to come out moregwencook4159
binding while working causing more pain???echoRo3152
Came out to a co-workerJessica_Rose4198
Completing the name change paperwork???dre_moe1598
I am scared to date being Trans!Babygirl964828
My name is Kyra and I'm a health coachViolentAurora2548
cis-sexist assumption? how would you read this interaction?SadieBlake8871
Working in Boy Mode: Anxieties, How long will I pass as male, etc.AoifeJ8996
Being misgendered at workKabukikid71642
Baby face and work/ universityPeep7986
Job interview fears... what to do?2cherry151714
New and scared GaryB9954
Coming Out at WorkGuile6971
Taking the plunge; and going full time advice ? living two livesCamillarose61111
First stepsJust_M342653
Getting / Keeping a job while trans?Bleeps and Bloops171752
Work and hair.Ilikeponies55572151
Tackling Coming Out at WorkAlexanderMiles6653
Dysphoria May Ruin a New Job?Contravene0796
Coming Out To Senior CitizensDgil4653
Fresh-found MTF girl, and motivation for finishing a PhDmanila121939
Employment background checkMikeyG500302456
Need help with coming out!!Carbonated91204
Coming out to my parents..Temperance7706
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