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Is this a normal thing and how could I achieve this/get over it?virtualverny7206
binding while working causing more pain???echoRo3141
Binding Health Complicationsnanospirt1147
Binders in Italy?Just_M8319
im damaging my ribs and i cant stopfinnn7387
to boob or not to boob (AmAb edition)Undead Cat2412
binding and nipple sensation Undead Cat20944
non-op and binding long term discussion Undead Cat1211
Underboob chafing?transguymac10489
Compression Shirts - Experiences?Tri2557
Binding for Larger Chestsmr123204
Best binders for under $10?Billybuddy3509
Chest won't stay in place when binding (FTM)ovohobo51002
Binding Q'sCai131138
New medium gc2b binder very painful to wear?andio31224
Breasts really sore from binding?andio71089
first binder - is this safe?transguys3751
Do Binders Really Work??Sherlock1103771256
A surprising reaction to binding for the first timeSteph14032587
Is it okay if I'm binding in a Ace Bandage?PeterSteele3728
Is it safe to bind in Gauzes?PeterSteele2668
Skydiving and binding?alienjames5529
best free binder / binder giveaway donation programunclesean54403
Binding on rollercoasters?alienjames3816
Buying binders online?amberluna3753
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