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What factors are associated with seeking care for chest binding symptoms?theoriginalbrk3147
GC2B binder to someone who needs itbuglemouse096
I'm buying my first binder and have a few important questions.kaitlin45993263
Effect of binding on top surgery results?PurpleWolf5691
Poll: The age you started binding?PurpleWolf10612
Aussie Trans Guys And The Airport!Xanderthevampireweeb2225
Breaking in a Binderloren14373
For those of us who don't/can't bindBT0416914
Is this a normal thing and how could I achieve this/get over it?virtualverny7423
binding while working causing more pain???echoRo3401
Binding Health Complicationsnanospirt1310
Binders in Italy?Just_M8646
im damaging my ribs and i cant stopfinnn7609
to boob or not to boob (AmAb edition)Undead Cat2757
binding and nipple sensation Undead Cat201803
non-op and binding long term discussion Undead Cat1337
Underboob chafing?transguymac10932
Compression Shirts - Experiences?Tri2835
Binding for Larger Chestsmr127093
Best binders for under $10?Billybuddy3819
Chest won't stay in place when binding (FTM)ovohobo51871
Binding Q'sCai131611
New medium gc2b binder very painful to wear?andio31872
Breasts really sore from binding?andio72738
first binder - is this safe?transguys31157
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