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wanting to come out moregwencook482
GCS 2/8/2018 with Bluebond-LangnerAliyahL17340
What is Internalized Transphobia?nightingale9517284
SEEKING SURGEON - What I'm looking for...nightingale958324
This is Me Making the Big Leap...nightingale953135
Time gap between realizing you are trans and actually transitioning?PurpleWolf21716
Maybe I'm Crazy?Allie249301
Physical/Biological Effects of Gender Dysphoria?Allie243313
Having Children Pre-TransitionAllie2430908
should i hide my transsexual status in modellingakshita5272
I do not like the term "gender dysphoria" :/Allie24421041
Anyone else putting off transition due to family?graspthesanity7320
GRS Anxieties... Drawbacks vs. Rewards...Allie2416628
My face, my nose........ my nose, mostly............Allie24451774
Why is it so hard to see myself the way others see me?Allie245316
Who Still Wears Their "Boy Clothes"?Allie24441179
MTF Androgyny?Allie2419625
Transparent Season 4? What did you think? (WARNING: SPOILERS)Allie244207
Heavy-duty TuckingAllie2413486
Tips and advice for South Korea, China, or Singapore? minluse6528
I need to tips for getting myself ready for GRSalice12346487
Coming Out from "Stealth" alice123410848
Transsexual or gender neutral?gwencook9948
Should I look into getting FFS?Allie24392976
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