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How the hoax that the LGBTQ community is embracing pedophiles went viralSailorMooo087
As I Am..SailorMooo0207
Orchiectomy SailorMooo10950
Has Brassard re-opened yetErika_6487
I don't like the emotional changes.Erika_15805
Chemotherapy, hair loss, and the transwomanjenpa6320
Radiation to my neck/chain caused facial hair to fall out; now it is regrowingjenpa4292
I'm on my way forward.Erika_8495
I really hate being trans. Erika_261158
Porn triggers dysphoria DominicDias8625
Insurance and Therapistluna4476364
Got my prescription and communication with my doctorluna4472269
Seeing the doctor tommorow (Feb 4th)luna4477381
Detransitioning shay123414906
I Shall Be WholeEntropic Variable20970
Am I really trans? Lesbianism and Hormonesluna4474568
Should I start hormones?luna4477635
Transwomen may soon be able to give birthjenpa7560
Ffs alternatives?Nicolas.aka.Jade.Evans1743
Disclosing Transgender at Work, without full transitionKaren191721
What do i do? Feel so lostgwencook10670
Went swimming today - some personal questions answeredgwencook0397
I thought it had gone (adult content mentioned)gwencook251697
Losing Face Fat?nightingale957718
What are "Trans Vibes"nightingale95211521
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