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Transwomen may soon be able to give birthjenpa7274
Ffs alternatives?Nicolas.aka.Jade.Evans1187
Disclosing Transgender at Work, without full transitionKaren19935
What do i do? Feel so lostgwencook10368
Went swimming today - some personal questions answeredgwencook0232
I thought it had gone (adult content mentioned)gwencook25898
Losing Face Fat?nightingale957341
What are "Trans Vibes"nightingale9521752
How Honest are Trans-Specific FFS Surgeons?nightingale95321291
Am I just looking for love? (Possible triggers)gwencook13341
Transition or career focused? gwencook13431
Related to "content warnings"?VeronicaS10012180
Electrolysis - preventing the red bumps Karen221793
The harsh truth of mirrors.gwencook10410
Modern Day Eunuch/Castrato?nightingale9517827
Thin/Invisible Facial Hair - Will Laser get rid of it?nightingale954352
Less dysphoria now ive accepted myself??gwencook1114
Biggest steps have been made (coming out)gwencook5292
Baby stepsgwencook2237
How to Disclose without Disclosing?nightingale952173 journeyKaren03661184567
Bra and lipstickgwencook1318
To tell my dad or not? gwencook7412
Can someone please help me understand.gwencook7307
Can you evaluate my voice?jenpa13520
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