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Video of my everyday makeup routine!ItsEmily4434
I wish I could pass without makeupitschristina101034
Mascara or falsies?Amy Chislett5798
shopping! xolovestephi81242
buying clothes and makeup for first time. xolovestephi101294
How to Begin Wearing Discrete Makeuppopa910203701
Update and coming out to my girlfriendSophie Hannah Alexis13780
Makeup and Fitting in Vancouverlumberlogs0463
Took a Chance and went for it.SueNZ62145
Update!! (With pictures) :PSophie Hannah Alexis51003
Can I have some opinions!? :) xxSophie Hannah Alexis424018
What made you happy today? For mtF members only, please.ChiGirl1997177320
This is what I look like,raw,showered and no makeup. Help me get a look please!Shawn Sunshine143446
HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY! (Look inside for a Lucky Leprechaun) Shawn Sunshine2544
Looking for help for my girlfriendavery12371277
So nervous! [Makeup Makeover]mrg58141802
Looking for ways to help my girlfriend (she's amab)avery12331137
Facial Hair helpBlaineGame71813
Facial Hair helpBlaineGame11569
I need makeup adviceJenni3787
I need help becoming a girlPinkie71020
have we gone too far?EllieM141822
Beard cover makeup and stuff!Mickie11192
How Often Do You Wear Makeup? How Often Do You Wear A Skirt Or Dress?finallyRandiGirl@574511757
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