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Hello! from AstridAstridVikingadottir4197
Now my therapist knows …thornbird115438
Wie sag ich's meiner Therapeutin?thornbird1116755
Coming out - the first step is done!thornbird1115920
"when being a woman or feminine is miserable: the fears of transitioning or not"Undead Cat4747
To bind or not to bind ?Undead Cat0285
May The 4th Be With You! Yes, I'm a Geek. So, I Came By To Say Hi...BrumbleBronze3228
HRT minimum breast growth - option for AMAB NBsSideways375746
Clit enlargement creams / methodsgiorgi_IT34826
Nb: How do you experience your gender?PurpleWolf211908
Which family words do you use of yourself? (sister, brother, sibling etc...)PurpleWolf8873
Non-binary people: Which bathroom do you use?PurpleWolf72224
Does Transgender Middle Way = non-binary?laurenb5852
What do you think of my HRT regimen?annemarie101132
to boob or not to boob (AmAb edition)Undead Cat21088
Could I pull a tomboy look off? Transfused101045
non-binary gender marker cinderkaburagi0861
How to look more androgynous?damnedheart2929
Confused Need Advice!0_Facade7851
Its complicated, and I have lots of questions about the MtF transition. SRS etc.felixtemin51204
genderfluid or genderqueer transition hrt Undead Cat152127
non-op and binding long term discussion Undead Cat1529
Transgender Female Non-Binary and HormonesVanyauey9581982
When to get top surgery.cinderkaburagi91795
Just opening up...CrziCricket5947
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