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Time off from job for surgery averagejoe15535
Transgender in army Mordekai fly83308
Job interview fears... what to do?2cherry151708
Job Interview and Follow Up......It was all BADBrittanyNicole9938
My long career and coming out, now...mickey.megan1926
Job hunting and transitioningAprilV101776
mixed emotions and unsure about futureSapphire870457
Career IssuesAdrianna4488
I just got offered a job working for Loki Fish Co. will be getting $19.00/hr!!!Shawn Sunshine91598
Help from MTF girls!! What would be best for me?Sergmtf121056
I don't want to be transgender anymore.Felishia205760
Dysphoria May Ruin a New Job?Contravene0793
Are there any common jobs or profession MTF transgender do?jeminajay2113129
Giving Everyone a Chance to Surprise Me (instead of anticipating rejection)robinmack151657
GE - 100% on Human Rights Equality Scalejulies2000ma4900
Well it looks like Sunny Days ahead! My therapist is on the ball. So is my endo!Shawn Sunshine4833
How long should I put up with coworkers messing up my pronouns?TiaNadiezja151180
How should I get a job like this?caliyr81356
Looking for a job. Should I be worried?Dora181448
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