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Pride events around Seattle, WA1207162276
Losing An Activist Community - Lesbian to FTMfrankie5344
hello everyone i've been here before now i just might stayEureka!flowers3281
hiya new here wld be nice to make friendsIris Kam Noor3443
Male wanting to keep penis but add a vagina surgically DameonB61628
I'm feed up with all the negative stuffs the T-community says about detransitionSebby Michelango91830
Why are some people against detransition?Sebby Michelango122589
A request from a consultant of a global IT company to become a memberHolly201661181
I am trans but still sometimes regret my decision even after 10 yearsbear_face_83103916
First time going to the trans community, worried about being phonykeira1665871
16 and stuck. PrinceRyan71457
Wichita’s transgender community strives to become more visible Sydney Spitfire1694
how long can I hide a transition from MTF? when going on HRT, Laser, etc...megan77773321744
Where I stand after a yearmountainhun1790
Musings about communityJulieBlair61056
'Transgender Rights Are Human Rights' Clip Aims To Raise Awareness Of Global TraLearnedHand0700
Margaret Cho talks exclusively with O&ANMadelineB01006
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