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Estradiol in the 1000's... Good or bad?ashw7271
Dumping spiro completely? Thoughts on HRT without antiandrogens?Idaliaylix21732
Estradiol LevelsBrandyHanley4129
patches VS sublingual estradiolauroratrans18766
Green tea inhibits estrogen effectiveness?alejandra_pfister2225
Castrated! Not complaining, just curiousToadKillerDog10809
Needing help from the MTF trans membersAnxiousandyHLT16611
non-conservative endo in London area needed, can anyone help?melanie0542
best position for estradiol patchesmelanie122446
[MtF] High estradiol levels even though I'm not on HRT - what does that mean?Sandra M. Lopes51803
Will Estradiol and Spironolactone help against hair loss? Alex-Ketchum101408
Being on HRTBronwethiel191677
What Are Normal Blood Estradiol Levels for MTF on Injection E for 3.5 months?? anamarisol2447011
Effect of estradiol on prostateLucie376503
splitting my dose up 4 ways rather than 2 betty michelle51066
Just started hrt today...Astrid Against213082
Estradiol Dropped Low, Desperate!farbanian121240
very confused about my levelsmelanie121046
Low dose HRT discussionStochastic13827612
Estradiol to reduce weight after low T?jgdo21066
Pill vs ShotRita84330
Can't Seem to find an answer to this specific question: Estrogen creating T?Rita234432
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