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Danielle McGrogan Rises Against All Odds in Gender Transitionraw_dani1122
My parents accept me, but still get upsetShortMan3393132
hello everyone i've been here before now i just might stayEureka!flowers3191
Long time, no post...Wish it was better news, but I just need to vent.transguymac5254
Family not accepting me Lily_james16530
GF emjoi'd my legs !!!Rafaela2417
Friends and relatives can change their minds on acceptanceRaell7860
Jumping thru hoops for acceptanceAjcanine3690
Accepting a 70% female bodyjacques.trdx41597
A positive story about my Familysarahtokes3716
I have this new feeling...could that be hope?sarahtokes111312
Do I Look, or Could I Pass, as Female? 5.0stephaniec1999278347
Transgender in Trinidad and TobagoiKate12138
Acceptance into college has many meanings...Clueless6632
wife, husband, marriage, and the elephantmeganmichelle101597
How Do You Explain Non-Binary Identities So Others Can Understand?EchelonHunt11214664
Father spoke to mehandy101175
family issuesmythy3850
My journey of coming out to my Parents, Friends, and SchoolXenguy41417
Label for genitaliaMetroland141785
Unicorns and ElvesAntonia J0981
I have crossed the line, it cannot be uncrossed.DietFresca52993
Do not pass... Go!DietFresca92383
Ending up at the Emergency RoomDietFresca2811503
What't the tipping point that made (or will make) you transition?Carlita7113735
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