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Phalloplasty (without internal device) rigid enough for penetrative sex?zkfdmlshfo2199
Phalloplasty with Dr. Bluebond-Langner at NYU OR Dr. Ting at Mt Sinai?transnomad392254
Phallo with self harm scars?NikFtM3565
Phalloplasty vs MetoidioplastyNikFtM2710
Phalloplasty Consult Question?noahjames5536
MY FTM Surgery in Indiarohan.roy4674
Dr. Leis at TC of Philidelphia and general Phalloplasty/junk questionsjleary214681
Tattooing (on phallus and donor site)c1991u91330
Phalloplasty Planning: Where to begin?Connor21691441
Phallo after meta, keeping meta intact?MikeyG50051199
Would a Surgeon allow an 8 inch Phalloplasty?PeterSteele203293
What Donor Site is the best to get a long Phalloplasty?PeterSteele2958
FTM Bottom SurgeryNeffa11063
Satisfaction after phalloplastyAGhostInMyArms51518
Crane Moves to Austin, TX this JulyAGhostInMyArms122223
What was your Phalloplasty experience like?PeterSteele3582
How long can you get a Phalloplasty?PeterSteele93017
Has anyone gotten phallo from Dr. Crane here?edwardee123162088
Reputable Phallo Surgeons & the Jim Collins FoundationAGhostInMyArms72064
Why don't we contact Dr anthony atalakamikazehu81279
Phalloplasty Surgeons in US? Suggestions please!phallohelp31508
Dr Brassard resultsradioboy32504
Medical advancements in the futureFtMaster63229
FTM Phalloplastypaganarwen11100
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