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SRS after urethral reroute?xdreamr6666
Phallo with self harm scars?NikFtM3570
Feeling after Botton surgery (Phalloplasty)batmanmylove3607
Insurance covers GCS... now what?novumdiex91207
What was your hysterectomy experience like?GiantMarkirs71260
Max's Bottom Surgery Adventure Thread 2.0ftmax343485
Phallo after meta, keeping meta intact?MikeyG50051204
Medicare and Medicaid in Pennsylvania Covering Bottom...WolfSoul61422
GRS with Dr. Rachel Bluebond-Langner (and more because I can't tell stories)crushdani02007
FTM Bottom SurgeryNeffa11065
Thoughts About JunkAGhostInMyArms2868
GRS with James Bellringer 7 weeks agoLa femme Nikitta142760
Differences Between the Techniques of North American Surgeons?ShadowCharms31205
FTM bottom surgery?Pegasus606011146
Choosing which procedure is right for youftmax122220
Bottom surgery for Gender Independent asagirl72458
Bottom and Top Surgeryaidenmadeink1596
Turning my ovaries into testes possibly TWTrojanMan153230
Anyone experience Dr Peter Haertsch bottom surgery in Australia?!?!Curious250958
repost: Question About Penile Implants Shirley Dover131647
Why don't we contact Dr anthony atalakamikazehu81280
how to get rid of sweatingMackan0482
Why no vaginectomy?chaseinspace124967
Bottom Surgery without TransitionClaraaa7216825
Need some advice (other guys that have had either meta or phallo)Mackan51272
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