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What size packer should I get?HelloImLucas5307
This is Me Making the Big Leap...nightingale953187
How do I come out as a Transguy?HelloImLucas4197
Can you get on testosterone after one visit?HelloImLucas6308
Gender and School Assignmentsgaywizkid4292
What’s the youngest age you can start testosterone in Texas?PeterSteele3205
Over-emotional on T?SassySatan4524
Why are some people against detransition?Sebby Michelango122069
How did you figuring out you're non-binary?Sebby Michelango324567
It is safe for transgender travelers to traveling to China as vacation?Sebby Michelango41398
Bleeding after T shot???FTMGuy55973
What to do for a 13 year old FTM?PeterSteele21181
Who is the tallest FTM's you've met/seen?PeterSteele162069
Why do many trans women serve in the military?Sebby Michelango282249
Is this feeling "normal"?authorx122132
Is it possible that people change their minds on becoming the opposite gender?PeterSteele6609
Gender Changing and Name Changing based on new gender Question. PeterSteele10770
STP QuestionAshtonRose6261500
Why do people likes horror movie?Sebby Michelango171794
Traveling to BrazilElliottP61336
Which terms do you prefer in sentences? "Gender change" or "Sex change"?Sebby Michelango413349
What is the difference between IS, Taliban and Al-Qaida?Sebby Michelango61277
If you had to choose, would it be teeth as hair or hair as teeth?Sebby Michelango0684
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