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i'm SO annoyed by this therapistvirtualverny7216
Should I Come Out To My Therapist?Cole Phelps7363
What do you look for in a gender therapist?tranzferdinand4406
looking for therapist in Tampa Florida Hillsborough county phiobi2610702
Any tips for being politely blunt with your therapist?MatthewAmbrose51247
So hardTrent X4699
Transitionning on Low Dose/ HRT still living as Male?Effervascence61921
From Happiness To Despairlindagrl101232
Therapist Recommendation for Surgery Letter (Portland/Vancouver) Rem6950
Therapists in NYC? (Besides Callen-Lorde)Damien M.3845
Looking for opinion of therapist in Michigan, and/or suggestionsAkari_Lunarwing41100
Anyone know of good gender therapist in or around Lawrence Kansas?sarahmarie.butterfly0574
Second round of HRT. Start - Quit - to make a living as a trans.jeminajay2686
one weird weekdizzie4983
School, Seeing my shrink, family?IAmRealLife2483
Therapist near Anchorage EmmaLynn0243
How long does it usually take to get hormones?Equestriaghoul195661
Choosing a therapist/doctor.Equestriaghoul3778
Speaking with a therapist you know personallySierra122441068
Therapist in Geneva or next toryuuji2180426
Therapy Questionsanimalover92489
so done with doctors f-ing me oversebster121025
Trouble with Therapistsebster4628
The Transition Channel on YouTubeMRV3501691
Experiences and Letters of RecommendationLylapanda61151
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