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Yo, yo, yo (...yoyo?)NonServiam5528
Estranged daughter just came out as F2M - looking for resources (for me)fsr1967131911
Voice Drop on Testosterone?skyheff4946
Will Testosterone Help me Grow?skyheff3672
I'm a Heterosexual/Straight Male with a transitioning (FTM/F2M) partnercraig.francis72485
Experiences on T :FtM Hormone Therapy For 30+ RenJB254541
F2M Boyfriend I need advice and helpJ197981913
FtM ring sizes Mysteryman1535
More bleeding/pain than normal after testosterone injection?samuel.koch0493
Please just ease my anxiety...samuel.koch3683
Binder Questions!animalover96562
Not so sure about my name choice, anymoreReubenIsTheName16954
Hello there...potato41060
**** Dating advice, tips, stories, experiences for FTM transmale?alessandrog119684
Price Matchingjaydawg196411158
You can't be Female / Male if you don't get SRS - GRS WhateverLana P9724883
HRT and hormone blockers u/18 in Vic, Australia. Help.Nick9743108
United Kingdom National Health?TBoyLogan11013
Upstate NY doctor to provide hrt?!?! TRICARE insurance info?gabethepokemon33303
Crossing Lines: Understanding My New Privilege as a Transman adoubek3994
F2M life decisions before and after Mysteryman72289
Double Binding - do you do it, and is it actually safe funghoul115790
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