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Feminization - 9 months and feeling impatient and insecure.Rufflepaws6291
What are the biggest clothing challenges you face as you begin transitioning?MystarrathePuck40830
Keeping my birth name?Sinead12540
When did you start presenting your desired gender?Sinead302428
Can you evaluate my voice?jenpa13686
Am I TransgenderThe Redheaded Musician9469
1 month on HRT - worried :/Clairetheanalytical9531
How’s my make-up look girls?Sinead4655
Is this the right place to ask?Juniper Autumn8663
Non-binary people: Which bathroom do you use?PurpleWolf71823
Transgender questionsDEAD KARL151626
Voice Problems... Stopped T in March 2014ChaoticTribe21963
Modelling and transgender at 19, mtfHaradonia41046
I am new hereluanneph71268
Do I Look, or Could I Pass, as Female? 5.0stephaniec1999352771
FFS for a female, AFABAva78952011
Click and in 10 seconds your female...Shawn Sunshine3949
wonderful revelationAlexis791596
Binding with a twistTransKaty4894
Does HRT change your band size? (Male to Female)TransKaty114148
Should I be a girl?IsIvanTransgender43855
Natalie's Storyteamkp11857
Learning proper gender "tics"wolfduality231987
Voice trainingTSJasmine235010
My Story as Being TrigenderEchelonHunt2511401
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