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I have my first appointment for HRT next Monday at PP, what should I expect?Cakemonstomus5102
Research Writeup- Hormone Replacement Therapy and TransitionCityLitLena164
Controlling T levels *and* maintaining muscle: spiro vs orchi questionClaire Grey10256
Early HRT Euphoria? Another (positive) report on HRT.Claire Grey20403
I Started HRT -- I'm Stoked! Thoughts on HRT and OrchiClaire Grey7231
Can testosterone cause siezure?Howdee4286
Will I not pass if I wait until I am 18 for HRT?Lizabelle191067
Does T affect your actual overall HEAD shape at all? sicboy51385
My latest estrogen is a little low after 6 months is that normal?michelleh31147
Testosterone Cream?Brotinn61078
Finally, good newsBrotinn181472
What Is A Woman?michelleh5633
I am getting hyped/dysphoria about how long it is taking to do electrolysis michelleh2609
Broad chest before hrt, & how it changed after starting hrt. Adchop41598
I am officially out part time!michelleh3737
HRT in San Antonio?Brotinn124208
Voice, Beard, and Baldness???SketchyDash5671
First T shot!!SketchyDash3553
UK: FINALLY NHS!!!!Jiji983607
I Hate The NHS!Jiji9891136
UK Trans People. I need help!Jiji9811938
My Story | MTF Transgender 1 Year 6 Months HRT Transition TimelineTera68397
Brain Fog issues post-opLisa B173185
9th month of hormonesDrBobbi11004
How to start HRT in Ontario Canada? (MtF)Rena712343
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