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ftm facial hairelc393
Hello helloShortMan3394105
Name help ?(transman) jinepyaw4100
Phalloplasty (without internal device) rigid enough for penetrative sex?zkfdmlshfo21101
Losing An Activist Community - Lesbian to FTMfrankie5144
Trans - Fetish or Gender Preference (Opinions Needed)The_SeeJay12480
Best FTM Prosthetic for play? Connor2160101
My parents accept me, but still get upsetShortMan3393141
Bottom Growthohlluca6249
FtM workout regimen? Outpostt313113
What size packer should I get?HelloImLucas2139
hello, strangers!virtualverny8155
Sneaky hrt insurance?hauntpsych2113
So think I have decided to come out to immediate family Jan 1st.Pao4227
Sounds stupid, but if I'm still a minor and growing, what will T do to my bones?ShortMan3392163
binding while working causing more pain???echoRo3150
If your looking for FTM top surgery in or around IndianapolisEmmaLoo0119
Hi everybody Mofosho3136
Questioning-am I'm I lying to myself Mofosho12388
Coming Out and Family Issuesbluetrebleclef2121
I finally got my binder... And it pointed out all my other flaws.HelloImLucas5186
One Year On Testosterone Barely Any Changescameron12310253
Did your vagina shrink on T?PurpleWolf4183
Crazy over this woman. How to tell her I'm trans...?PraetorianRhapsody8299
exercise based transition tipshauntpsych065
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