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What's it like having breasts, wide hips and a feminem voiceJacob rosteller268
Do You Wear ANY Kind of Makeup?Ryuichi135107
My (former)best friend was cool when I came out, now he's an alt right extremistFrazer5151
Why can’t you get penis lengthinf/enlarging surgery after Metoidioplasty?Kadenconrad398
I'm buying my first binder and have a few important questions.kaitlin4599380
Jealous of other trans peopleSinead21391
A question about stopping T (possibly triggering for those who are interested)Spoilsbag4142
Post op FTM Top Surgery : graft failure?shiraz264160
Body fat issues, Body fat distribution IBasicallyLiveOnTheWeb2103
Botched Top Surgery in LouisianaJfrank3142
FTMs and pantsmintimperial4152
Hey everyonepenguin6127
17 years old and lostpenguin8198
1 and a half months on testosteronepenguin4142
New Starter on T!alexsaunders982100
best harness for a xs mr. limpykaitheawesomeguy2130
Will my changes on T be slower is I had a first late puberty?spence773106
FtM Travel Insurance for Top Surgery in USA (from UK)MattH066
Aussie Trans Guys And The Airport!Xanderthevampireweeb2108
Do I pass? (Updated!)Xanderthevampireweeb16470
FtM packer present idea, need helpchibi_shima169
How does weight affect how fast changes will come on Tspence775137
Does your first puberty affect how fast changes on T will come?spence77076
SCIP Flap Phalloplasty with Dr. Rian Maercks (Miami, FL)– A Great OptionCecil Darin8228
FTM boardsYeti7165
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