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FtM who wouldn't date other FtMAsaph4368
Back in the closet ** Trigger Warning **PeterSteele4231
Any chances of height increase?Asaph4208
I'm having an identity crisis and I need some helpRonniie2211
[NSFW] How do you know what cup size to use for pumping?Magnus Mentula4226
FTM shoulder pain/clickingTheCampbellMan3170
Self Funding my SurgeryBorneheld1122
Determining chest size pre top surgery consultationParkerTalks4275
Testosterone messing up your voice?TheAmazingRatman4320
gender dysphorianick.order2258
Ftm drag king that just needs some help with an alcoholic sibling.Hellboi4200
What would my social transition even consist of??ParkerTalks8480
What to do with old clothesjamesapollo4195
Been on HRT for a year and 7 months but I have questions.ghouls5386
Hello, new hereLiam Eric17573
The wait is killing me (uk)TheCampbellMan13526
Looking for ideas, FTM doesn’t want to be called mommy!jhunt466410483
Does Trans-specialization matter for top surgery?ParkerTalks5385
Question about changes on testosterone for longer than two yearsray3568419
Insurance Coverage MjWV4236
How old were you when you started experiencing dysphoria (if you do)?pikachu611829
Getting phalloplasty before top surgery/How do I get phallo?ftmblues3265
Not Sure If I'm Doing My Intramuscular Thigh Injections Correctlybeefyboy9394
Top Surgery Info??JupiterT80249
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