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Need help with finding an "androgynous" haircut samsonavery9264
Should I celebrate Father's Day or Mother's Day? Ryuichi134130
Swelling after Top SurgeryDaniel1999198
Bad reaction to testosteroneAcht5156
Hey everyone!hwlinq3126
Top Surgery NY cost and referrals spacecowboy072
Hello Everyone! - IntroductionValerian295
Hello, New here, mildly anxiousNathanyel12236
Six Month Anniversary - Hormones!Valerian4202
5 months later (slightly nsfw)Sawney10000001223
Pre-Surgery Englargementtransguymac7291
Top Surgeryaperson1234076
FTM or butch lesbian?Mitenka2123
Anime and Trans Identities?nightingale9514400
PLEASE HELP : AM I FTM?jazzhands2143
I still have a lot of swelling 2 months post-op ftm?wrymze4210
wondering about risk to mobility with phalloplastyjinepyaw0116
FTMs and Chorus ClassSethie The Tenor0138
help about bottom growthaperson12346339
Signs in childhood?bluetrebleclef2154
relationship dysphoriashiraz26096
What's it like having breasts, wide hips and a feminem voiceJacob rosteller4310
Do You Wear ANY Kind of Makeup?Ryuichi1321736
My (former)best friend was cool when I came out, now he's an alt right extremistFrazer6417
Why can’t you get penis lengthinf/enlarging surgery after Metoidioplasty?Kadenconrad3282
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