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When did you start presenting your desired gender?Sinead13274
Do you pass or not?Priya1243026
what clothes do you like to wear?virtualverny45851
How to introduce yourself pre-hormones?PurpleWolf3181
Do I pass?Xanderthevampireweeb10573
My face, my nose........ my nose, mostly............Allie24452013
Depression and attemTandy4245
How can you enjoy life as a non passing transgender?OnePunchRoxanne1311
Social Class and YouWild Flower16820
Voice, how to use the "apple" approach, and tone vs. noteAlicia_Alia10476
Going Full Time? Am I passable?LittleWitchGirl96562897
Gender fluid needing to rantJakeMarley7644
Does anyone have any input on Lazaro Cardenas (Specifics Inside)?OnePunchRoxanne7350
How do I pass better? [21, MtF, pre-HRT or anything else]ontheslytransform61487
Employment Search MayhemDiedrichH0230
Being "othered" and the choice for non-disclosureLiliFee141370
I wish I could pass without makeupitschristina101256
Pre-everything and don't pass: what's the point?meatwagon181904
Should I look into getting FFS?Allie24393899
I'm really scared of not passingchicken2356141398
Need Helpful Advice (FTM acceptance and passing)QuentinE61006
How important is passing and how do you handle criticism/honest feedback?Sebby Michelango282941
Can we talk about inner beauty? Sandboxed131225
How to handle being misgenderedLordmasterflex202841
Passing with wide hips?toxicmetalexpo3856
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