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Acceptance by significant long did it take?Jessica_Rose13717
I Am Out and She Still Loves Me!BrittanyLianne8385
How can I educate my wife (without her knowing)?Joanna2476314
I feel lostEleonore284664
New and scared GaryB91309
From Happiness To Despairlindagrl101315
Trans woman struggling with loss of sexual appetite for her wifemidnightdancer21055
Using analogies to help in acceptance of the choicemickey.megan21091
Older Married couples, where one partner comes out Transgendermickey.megan205682
Hello from the SOBlindCourage213320
my story, husband and transgendered mtf hidingmickey.megan31470
I don't know if it's time to stop trying...AislinnH31496
My Wife is Transitioning to my HusbandSimplydavina31190
My head is a good way...sarahtokes61033
Wife and I talk about how I picked my name :)Desandlacey21186
Coming out to our childrenDesandlacey142093
wife, husband, marriage, and the elephantmeganmichelle101754
Afraid of the futureMirriel51071
wife can't be with a womanmegan7777132301
who with kids, has divorced and transitioned? I need helpblueroselostlove101281
wife what. megan7777214624
wife with closeted mtf husband, am i wrong i dont believe he is transgenderlostconfusedone4817582
Wife Of A CD Who Passed Away Recentlywolfsounds42322
Coming out question (sorry, was not sure where to post this)Toni J51475
told my wife tonight.alicel51312
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