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just a few questionsJ lewis7315
Questions about my eventual MtF transition - I'm new to this, helpHighDefinition-Dragoness11502
Tucking / warning of content.Coffeedrew9921
Anyone had a pelvic laparoscopy done? Please share your experiencesDoreen3385
Back on HRT, less cramping. Doreen6479
Teacher's accidentally being offensivesnollie6327
Possible to "mention" or otherwise respond to individual users in a thread?Idaliaylix2249
Questions Regarding MTF Transitioning. Altoids4368
About to Start HRT and Looking at My Initial Blood Test Resultspamarkley3689
Metoidioplasty Growth QuestionsNikFtM21128
Testosterone QuestionsNikFtM3991
SRS - Travel card or Travelers Check Gamergirl3665
Endo - finally we meet....Rafaela81240
Post-Op SensationIkiryo123995
questions about my identity (first post)constantine51231
bloods are done, haven't booked to get them...Rafaela414250
Travelling with HRT?zyz765162713
Ask an AlaskanPtarus51026
I dislike children...Sebby Michelango133011
Research for script, older FTMdrewski4541602
bathroom questionhaeden122004
new to trans lifehaeden142159
I'm very confused, again, for the millionth time. Help?animalover9151316
Questions for Transgender Community/Individualswilsr88131739
Respectfully curious, if allowed to be...Raggedy3884
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