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What’s Northumberland Gender Identity Clinic (UK) like for MTF?Sinead082
Realizing im transgendered MtF at the age of ...almost 18 nowCaity n6500
What’s next?silvertime4364
Made a big first stepAlex_Lacy10546
Did anyone else start out very little T* pre-everythingDoreen242104
Senior M2F Transgender PeopleMelissaRC383325
M-T-F: Dr. Curtis Crane or Dr. Loren Schechter for Gender Confirmation Surgery.ARIA FAYE112622
A Question Re: Beginning HRT (In retrospect)Arielle Noemi6889
4 weeks and counting!!debbiinpink41071
Glad to be here :)debbiinpink3597
Was I wrong to end things?bemali132456
Hormones without Breast DevolopmentLeslie363690768
To masculin to feminize ? MtFGenderQueer144454
Accepting a 70% female bodyjacques.trdx41745
Girlfriend is suicidaljacques.trdx51222
Girlfriend in dire needjacques.trdx1690
M2F Gay Couple Need Adivce & A Friend To Talk ToJ197981855
hi im sydneysydneyblackfeathers7768
M2F (or MbF, for now): not happy of being a girl?manila51834
first draft of a short story "Amber's Story"Princess Rachel61204
Who am I?SoConfused4931
Dr. Loren Schechter?RikkiBates23646
Signs that T is too high..? On E only..eggy_nog51300
HRT restart after 10 + yearsakash81662
You can't be Female / Male if you don't get SRS - GRS WhateverLana P9723878
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